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How To Choose The Best Headphone

Many people spend a chunk of their time using gadgets during the day. Half of our life is inside the devices we own, from communication to work to education and then movies, listening to music, even gaming. All of this is done using gadgets. But to make listening even more personalized, we all own a pair of headphones. You must be aware of how over time headphones have become an everyday necessity. 

Most of us have spent our lives using cheap headphones from the nearby dollar store, and it is time we now make an upgrade and get something to last us longer. Today the world is technologically evolving; we have so many headphones with different features, design statements, and specifications which makes deciding quite challenging. 

You will have bulky headphones to small earbuds, and there are wired and wireless headphones. All of this will leave you in a massive crunch, which is why we have come up with the perfect guide to assist you in choosing the best headphones. 

To make things easier, we have provided you with different types of headphones, the best ones in the market, and some differences to make your purchase easier. This all questions answered article will help shape your opinion and assist you in getting yourself a good pair of headphones. 

Type of Headphones

Choosing the right headphones indeed is a task. But it all comes down to personal preferences. Some prefer wearing earbuds, some like earphones that fit their ear canal properly, some prefer an over-ear pair of headphones, and some find these not suitable at all!

Since headphones come in various designs, they have different specifications. But to differentiate, we have listed the six different types of headphones. You will find out what these types are, their pros, and even cons to help shape your decision. 

Over-Ear Headphones 

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones are an excellent way to isolate oneself from any external noise and enjoy music. They can also be used for more than just listening to music.

There are two types of over-ear headphones: closed back and opened back. Closed-back headphones create a seal around the ears, but they don’t let sound in or out of the earcups, so the person wearing them won’t be able to hear anything other people say when they talk to them. Some people like this because it prevents sound leakage that open-back headsets can cause. 

Open-back headsets do not provide any isolation, so people who wear these have no choice but to pay attention to their environment if they want a conversation or an emergency.


  1. Wearable: Over-ear headphones are more comfortable to use than in-ear headphones.
  2. No pain or ear soreness: In addition, they are less likely to cause ear pain or soreness due to their larger surface area.
  3. Decent Sound Quality: Furthermore, they produce better sound quality than in-ear headphones.
  4. Decent Design statement: Lastly, they have a better physical design which means that the over-ear foam pads do not touch your ears directly.


  1. A downside is that they bulk up your ears and make them stick out, which may not be the desired look for everyone.
  2. It may not be the right headphone for everyone because of its headset. Some people feel as if it is tight. 

On-Ear Headphones

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are popular because they provide a more balanced soundstage that is better than other types of headphones. They are also less likely to make your ears hurt or get sweaty since they don’t have ear pads that go around your ears. These headphones work by having the drivers and ear pads rest on top of, rather than inside the ears. 

On-ear headphones work well when you don’t want anything more than a little bit of weight on your head. They’re also great for those people who are often on the move as they are easy to carry around and store away.


  1. Better Noise-Cancelling: On-ear headphones can provide better noise-canceling than in-ear headphones because they cover the entire ear. This means that even if you still want a little bit of sound in, on-ear headphones will be able to block out more noise than in-ear models.
  2. Good Quality Audio: The sound quality of on-ear headphones is usually better than in-ear models. The drivers are more prominent, producing higher frequency sounds and clearer audio at lower volumes than in-ear models can.
  3. No Headband Pressure When Wearing Glasses: Finally, many people find that on-ear headphones are more comfortable for wearing glasses because there is no headband pressure against the bridge of the


  1. They may have better noise-canceling than the in-ear headphones, but it isn’t the best! You’ll have to turn the volume up to get a good experience unless you’re in a noisy environment. 

In-Ear Headphones

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are the type of headphones that you insert into your ears. They can be called earbuds or in-ear monitors. The speaker drivers are placed just outside of your eardrums, so their pressure entering the ear canal is minimized. They can range from very inexpensive to very expensive; some are waterproof, and some are wireless.

There are three main types of in-ear headphones: noise isolating, sealed, open back. Noise isolating means that they include a seal that blocks out background noise so you can enjoy audio without interruption or distraction from traffic or other people around you. Sealed implies that they create a tight seal so there is no sound leakage and open-back let air pass through the ear cups inside the headphones from the rear-end of the speaker driver, allowing natural and clear sound to flow in. 


  1. Sound Quality: These earphones offer excellent sound quality for their size and price range. They deliver surprisingly deep bass and even better sound quality than average full-size headphones that cost the same amount.
  2. Comfort: The ergonomic design of these tiny pieces ensures that they will stay in place throughout your day; this is especially important for people with small ears that struggle to find good-fitting headphones.


  1. The noise-canceling feature they offer is so good that it blocks all the surrounding noise. So, if you’re riding on an airplane or bus, you’ll not be able to hear your surroundings and may end up in an emergency if something goes wrong.
  2. These headphones can sometimes be very uncomfortable as they push into the ear canal and create pain for the wearer. It is best to take off the headphones now and then just for relief!

Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are headpieces that don’t require cables for connection to a device such as cell phones, laptops, and MP3 players. Wireless headphones are top-rated because they have fantastic convenience and a sense of style.

The market for wireless headphones is proliferating and is expected to grow well into the future. The advent of wireless headphones has been attributed to the desire of headphone users to save themselves from any clutter or tangled wires that may result in a bust-up of this expensive gadget. There are two types of wireless headphones: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth headphones have a range of about 33 feet, while Wi-Fi ones have a range of about 150-300 feet.


  1. Wireless headphones are less cumbersome than regular wired ones.
  2.  No more need to worry about tangling wires and losing the earbuds!
  3. These lightweight and compact headphones can be stored away in a bag or even in pockets, making them a convenient option to take on the go with you anywhere you want to go!


  1. The first con of wireless headphones is that they can easily misplace.
  2. The second con is related to battery life, which can be pretty short compared to wired earphones, primarily if one frequently uses them for hours. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are top-rated with the advent of airports, train stations, and public transport. These headphones make it possible to hear music without background noise, providing an immersive listening experience. 

The noise-canceling headphones do not get rid of the noise per se, but they attenuate it to barely audible. They work by containing a microphone that receives ambient sound and creates an ‘anti-signal’ (a sound wave with the opposite phase) that neutralizes unwanted noise. 

These headphones work by using electronic means to create a sound that is the opposite of what is being heard in the environment, thus eliminating all outside noise.


  1.  Background noise is reduced, and users can easily focus on their current tasks.
  2.  Blocking out people who want to talk too loudly and disturb you will make it easier to concentrate on what you need to do.
  3.  Noise-Cancelling Headphones also help protect your hearing from damage.


  1. The headphones are typically quite expensive, and you will only be able to use them for about an hour or two before the battery dies out.
  2. They cancel all the noise around you and isolate you from your surroundings. This can be both good and bad, depending on your situation.

True Wireless Headphones

True Wireless Headphones

A true wireless headphone does not use a wire to connect the two earbuds. This type of headphone has a battery, an antenna, and Bluetooth connectivity built into each earbud. It only needs to pick up the data from its counterpart to work fully.

Skybuds offered the first truly wireless headphones with their release in early 2018. These headphones were designed for active lifestyles and could be worn on the ears or around the head. They offered up to four hours of uninterrupted playback time with their charging case and had a sound quality on par with wired headphones at a much lower cost. Today, you can find multiple true wireless headphones. Leading companies like Apple and Samsung have come up with their line of AirPods and earbuds, ultimately amplifying the user experience. 


  1. All-in-one: True Wireless Headphones are mainly convenient, affordability and comfortable. 
  2. Comfortable experience: They have no wires to wrap around or get tangled in; these headphones offer a portable and relaxing experience that allows consumers to move freely and enjoy music without missing out on what is happening around them.


  1. The first con of true wireless headphones is that they can be more expensive than other types of headphones. 
  2. The second con is that using them drains batteries faster because there are no wires.

5 Best HeadPhones 2023

1. JBL Tune 510BT

JBL Tune 510BT

For all those looking to get a pair of powerful headphones with excellent playback, they should look into the JBL Tune 510BT. These headphones have a promising battery life, charge pretty quickly, and are easy to work with. They are lightweight, wearable, and the perfect gadget that will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks. 


  • The headphones allow you to manage work/family calls conveniently using the buttons on the JBL tune’s ear cups. 
  • You get a voice assistant too! You can activate the voice assistant of your devices using the multifunction button. Hey, Siri and Hey Google are just a few seconds away. 
  • For excellent and longer playback time, the JBL is perfect! It lasts up to 40 hours, and you can quickly charge it for 2 hours. Even a 5-minute charge before leaving for work can easily last you for 2 hours. 
  • It has a wireless Bluetooth that allows you 5.0 streaming on multiple devices. Switch between two devices and never miss an important call. 

2. Sony ZX S ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones

Sony ZX S ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones

Calling out to all the people looking for a good pair of on-ear headphones, these are perfect! Bringing to you the Sony ZX series wired on-ear headphones that make your audio experience next level. They are comfortable and have an excellent performance, no compromises kept in mind!


  • The Sony ZX Series has an excellent frequency range, from 12 Hz to 22KHZ. The range ensures a more profound and smooth bass, a superb midrange, and rising highs. 
  • It has moving earcups, these swivel meaning storing them is pretty easy. Furthermore, they become portable and can be carried anywhere you go. 
  • The headphones are lightweight, with 1.38 drivers that deliver an excellent rhythm, especially the soundtrack. 
  • The headphones are pretty comfortable and easy to wear because of their padded earpads, and their closed-back design ensures no sound leakage. 
  • The cables are tangle-free, which makes these headphones quite durable. They have a 1.2my-type cable which helps the user avoid snagging and tangling. 

3. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Bringing you another famous pair of headphones! The Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones have the Apple W1 chip. These headphones have an excellent playback time and a good battery life to last you longer to help you get through your day. It has a built-in microphone and is now available in Rose gold, a classy chic color! These headphones are designed for sound and tuned for emotions.


  • These headphones are an excellent purchase for both Apple and Android users. It is compatible with both devices. You get to enjoy these fantastic headphones without worrying about device constraints. 
  • For those looking for a longer playback time? With 40 hours of battery life, the Beats Solo3 is bound to last you longer. Get through your days of meetings, calls, workouts and still have some battery left to get you home without any interruptions. 
  • The headphones are fast-fueled, so with 5 minutes of charging time, your headphones will last you for 3 hours. Wow!
  • The design statement is sleek and clean. These headphones are streamlined, are wearable throughout the day because of their comfortable design and affordability, ticks all the boxes!
  • The Beats Solo3 supports spatial audio and takes audio realism to another level. Now enjoy music, movies, and playing games wearing these headphones. 

4. Panasonic Full-sized Headphones

Panasonic Full-sized Headphones

Panasonic Headphones are another set of sleek, lightweight, and full-sized headphones. To change things up a bit, these headphones have a long cord which is easier because you can keep connected to your devices in your bag and still play your favorite tracks. They are distinctive, comfortable, and stylish!


  • These Panasonic headphones have an immersive sound, which will make your experience even better. These over-ear headphones with a cleaner sound and work great for movies, gaming, and music. 
  • They are cushioned! This means you do not just get an excellent pair of headphones, but they are padded, ensuring comfort and making them wearable for users. The plush pads isolate your tracks and block all kinds of ambient sounds and noises. 
  • The headband is perfect because it has a fantastic fit, making it bearable for hours. That means added enjoyment without having to worry about any kind of heaviness. 
  • It has premium bass, excellent vocals, and flows with perfect lyrics. It is powered by 30mm drivers, a frequency range of 10Hz-27KHz, and a power input of 1000mW. All these features produce great sounds and balance the bass level in your tracks. You get clear flow, clear vocals, and lyrics. 
  • The long cord is an advantage, and it can be connected to your entertainment gadgets to your couch. Play music, games, and movies with an ample amount of freedom to move about. 

5. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Overhead Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Overhead Headphones

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is known to be the king of personal audio. Bringing to you industry-leading headphones with one of the best noise-canceling features. They have an excellent adaptive sound quality, wearing detention and intelligent listening. 


  • These headphones have an excellent battery life which will last you for 20 hours or more. Take 10 minutes and charge your headphones, and they will last you for a good 5 hours. 
  • You can pair with multiple devices simultaneously, and the application helps you connect. So pair it with your phones, laptops or give it to a friend and let them enjoy the premium sound. 
  • It has a carry case that protects the headphones at all times. You can carry your Sony 1000XM4 and the cable along with it. 
  • The sound quality is over the top and makes your experience smooth. It has Edge AI and is made in collaboration with Sony Music Studios Tokyo. 
  • It has a speak-to-chat feature that reduces the volume of your tracks amid conversations. You do not have to make an effort at all. 
  • The touch control enables you to attend calls, skip music, and even helps you activate the voice assistant Alexa. 

How We Rank And Review Headphones

How We Rank And Review Headphones

From learning the different types of headphones to learning about the five best headphones, it is time to know how we rank and review headphones. What is the basis of it? What makes them stand out?

We all know headphones can be expensive and hard to find, which is why we need to know what to look for when buying them. Here are some of the factors on which headphones are ranked and reviewed:

  1. The sound quality: People who like a more bass-heavy sound might want to look for headphones with a high bass level, as these will likely make the music sound better. Whereas they may be people who wouldn’t want this. It works differently for everyone. This is why this factor is essential to finalize your purchase. 
  2. Noise cancellation: If you’re going to block out any outside noise so you can enjoy your tunes, then it’s best to get a pair of noise-canceling headphones. These help you stay focused and kick off any ambient noises. 
  3. The size: Some people don’t like big, bulky headphones sticking straight out of their ears, so that they might opt for ones with thin wires connecting to the headphones. While some do not mind having a sturdy body because they believe it lasts you longer. 
  4. Durability: This determines how long your product will last before you have to buy a new one or carry out any repairs due to wear and tear or corrosion; for example, you do not want to break if you accidentally drop them. This will be pretty disappointing, considering it is an expensive purchase. 
  5. Bluetooth compatibility: Bluetooth compatibility is becoming more important in product design. Many people choose to use their headphones with their smartphones because it is convenient to answer calls, playback music, or listen to lectures during traveling. The best headphones will allow you more flexibility when accessing your technology without taking away the auditory experience.
  6. Frequency Response: Frequency response can help rank a pair of headphones because if one headphone has a higher frequency response, it would be better for hearing more audio detail in music and sound information in videos, movies, and gaming. 

Wired Vs Wireless Headphone

Wired Vs Wireless Headphone

The debate about wired versus wireless headphones has occupied the minds of many audiophiles for a long time. It is unnecessary to shell out the extra money for wireless headphones if you are mostly listening to music on your phone or don’t have the luxury of purchasing high-end equipment.

Wired headphones are cheaper than their wireless counterparts, and they also offer some distinct advantages. These benefits need to be taken into account by anyone weighing up their options regarding which kind of headphone they would like to purchase, whether it is due to a preference for wires or having considered both options and decided that they would like a wire-free set. To get into its depth, we have a quick comparison between them. 

  1. Wired headphones offer a higher sound quality than wireless ones, especially when listening to bass-heavy music.
  2. They are usually cheaper than their wireless counterparts, making them easier to replace when they inevitably stop working.
  3. Unlike wireless, wired headphones don’t need batteries to provide power and can last for years before needing a recharge.
  4. Wired headphones are more reliable and less likely to drop out of the signal at crucial moments like wireless ones do because there’s no interference from other devices or Wi-Fi signals.
  5. Finally, wired headphones typically have connectors that are compatible with most modern smartphones and computers (USB-C), while you’ll need a dongle or adapter to use wireless earbuds

It all comes down to your usage; we would recommend you give wired headphones a try first. They also come with a Bluetooth option which provides you with a two-in-one experience. It is essential to invest in headphones that last you longer and at the same time provide you with an excellent experience. 

Wired and wireless both are good but in terms of lasting long and easy working wired ones are better. At the same time, wireless headphones are for those who want to keep up with the newest technologies and want to grab something cool! 

You can finalize according to the category of people you fall into; both have their advantages and disadvantages. In conclusion, it comes down to your usage.

Headphones Vs Earbuds: Which One To Choose?

Headphones Vs Earbuds: Which One To Choose?

Earbuds and headphones are a necessity for a lot of people around us. People use them for multiple reasons, including jamming to their favorite tracks, in the gym, for studies, taking calls with ease, and attending meetings. It all comes down to usage, and making the right choice is imperative. 

Earbuds and headphones have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But in the end, it all comes down to what you require personally and the way you plan to use these gadgets. For those looking to get portable headphones to pump them throughout their workout? Earbuds will be better suited for your needs. But those looking to block out all the background noise and get excellent quality sound? Headphones will be the one for you!

For those wondering which one should I choose? We have divided their differences to help shape your decision and assist you in your purchase.


To make purchases more accessible for you and help you make the right choice. We have gathered here all the reasons you will need a good pair of headphones. Let’s dig in to find out!

Good Quality Sound:

For those looking to get the best quality sound that isn’t just mesmeric but clear, then it’s advised you get a pair of headphones. When it comes to headphones, you can choose from the types stated above. 

Over-ear headphones, in particular, have significant drivers who can provide you with an immersive sound experience, letting you get entranced by the song completely. Headphones just take the experience to another level, upscaling all your songs! Brands like Sony and JBL are excellent examples. 

No Battery Problems:

Some people want to avoid the complications a battery-operated pair of earbuds or headphones brings. For them, longer battery life is imperative if you are one of them. 

We advise you get a good and sturdy pair of headphones. More oversized headphones have a battery that lasts longer, which means added playback time without interruption. 

Now earbuds may last you a time that is less than this, but they have an earbuds case that can easily juice them up. But it all comes down to interruption in playback time; that’s when headphones have a longer rerunning time. No interruptions whatsoever!

Traditional Over Modern:

Quite a few people do not prefer modern and upgraded earbuds; they like conventional headphones. The feeling of something sticking into their ear isn’t ideal for them. 

Headphones are pretty stuck and do not move places; instead, they stick in one place. In comparison, earbuds aren’t as comfortable for some people because they may fall off. So for those who prefer something that doesn’t directly stick in your ears and instead stays over, then a good pair of over-ear headphones or on-ear headphones will be perfect for you. 


Are you tired of using the same old pair of headphones and want to change things up a bit? Then the reasons we have here for you will help you finalize your purchase and grab a good pair of earbuds for yourself. 

Easy to Carry

Lightweight? Check! Portable? Check! Earbuds are an excellent option for those looking for something handy and compact. You can quickly keep them in your bag or pocket because they are small and can be easily carried in their case. They do not take up a lot of space and do not require you to bring out your bag. If you are running late for a meeting, you can just grab your laptop and earbuds, and you are good to go. 

Not Massive:

Headphones are more prominent, and they make a statement. Someone around you may even be wearing a pair of earbuds, and you won’t know until you notice a pair of headphones is something you can see. To sum it down and make it easier for you, if you want something small and subtle that doesn’t weigh your ears down, then a pair of earbuds will be perfect.

Preferable for Active People:

Active people may prefer to get earbuds. All those people who gym, work out, attend meetings daily, have classes or multiple calls to answer, and do not want to be stuck in one place. Then earbuds may be the right choice for you. Earbuds do not restrict movement, just stick it into your ear, pair it with your device, and ta-da! You can quickly go about with all your day’s tasks.


What should I look for when buying headphones?

When buying headphones, make sure you look into your usage, budget, and how much you are willing to spend on a pair of headphones. The portability, if they are sturdy and will last you longer. Another factor is the brand and if it is good enough or not.

Which headphone is best to buy?

The best pair of headphones that will tick all your boxes with technological changes in the Sony 1000XM4. It is the perfect pair of headphones and has premium sound quality, is wearable and comfortable, with premium features and design statement. 

What is the number 1 headphone brand?

Sony is a Japanese electronic company known to be the leading brand. It is best known for producing premium audio equipment such as headphones and speakers. 

Are earbuds better than headphones?

Earbuds give headphones excellent competition. They are small and have fantastic sound quality. They can’t be better, but they match up the level of some best-known headphones today. 

Are earbuds safer than headphones?

Headphones go over your ears and can be damaging if you use them for extended periods or listen to music loudly. But they aren’t as harmful and risky as earbuds are. Earbuds are directly in contact with your ear canals, and a sound volume of 6 to 9 decibels can easily damage your ears. 

How Do We Test Sound Quality to Ensure You Get an Honest Review

You could either be a music devotee or an ordinary individual looking for a decent pair of headphones; it may be pretty hard to find the correct information online. You may end up feeling conflicted between numerous opinions and reviews online. How can anyone online be sure of the product they are writing about? We don’t know about others, but we believe in ourselves for putting out honest and tested product reviews. 

We are the tech guys who ensure unnecessary information is cut out and only honest product reviews are posted. So on our journey of doing that, we do not just study the features of multiple headphones. We also test headphones in a few ways. To know about our testing methods, stay tuned till the end. 

We believe in two methods of testing, and after carrying both of them, we deem a pair of headphones to be worthy of your money or not. These methods are known as the following:

  • Subjective Testing 
  • Objective Testing 

Subjective Testing Methods:

When it comes to Sound, subjective and objective testing needs to be carried out to ensure the product. We believe that people’s opinions amongst yourself and your crowd will be pretty convincing, and we are one of those. 

There are quite a few times where we find faults in the headphones, and there are times when we deem the product as stellar and promising. Experiences can differ, but the product we talk is similar to yours and has no differences whatsoever. Some of the ways we subjectively test our headphones are stated below. 

When it comes to subjective testing of headphones, keep in mind that comfort, the value the product brings and how it is built is quite imperative. Headphones are a necessity for multiple people today, which is why they have a role to play: the role of comfort. We see how long they last before they heat up by testing the products. Are they too tight, bulky, or are they easy to use? It’s always nice to spend less and get value for money, and this is precisely what our goal is. When reviewing headphones, we ensure the product satisfies the user’s primary need, which the user is aiming for when buying the headphones. A good pair of headphones means they should last you longer and should be sturdy. This goes without saying that the material plays a massive role. If it’s cheap, it will break quickly, but it will remain intact if made using the suitable material. We make sure we get into detail about the cans, the cables and all that is important to provide you with an in-depth about the built. 

Objective Testing Methods:

One testing method won’t be enough, so keep aside the outlook you need to look at things scientifically and find out what’s inside your headphones. Objective testing includes using a head simulator. We hook it up to machinery that powers the ear simulators to provide us with a digitized form of the signal. We check the Sound, which helps us record, analyze and export all the collected data. We then conduct acoustic tests and even detect any damages before posting a review for our audience. 

When carrying out the objective test, we check the frequency range and response of the headphones, how it actively cancels out noise, their microphone, the battery life and how promising it is, and the amplifier they require. 

You think of two questions when getting a pair of headphones? Does it have good battery life, and how good is the volume? Which is what we assure you of through our reviews. Good battery life is all any user needs for a pair of headphones. We check to see how long the cans will last you; by setting playback to infinite, we check to see how long the headphones will last you. This usually comes out different than what the consumer tells you, which is why we ensure we uncover the truth for you. 

Noise cancellation is another aspect to consider since most people do not have indoor usage. You need to know that all noises cannot be blocked out. We believe words cannot promise noise cancellation, which is why we test the headphones out. After playing a loud pink noise at least a km away, we record by putting the headphones on. To conclude the data, we subtract a curve from the other and then get the data showing how well the headphones work. 

Microphone testing is also done, ensuring the hands-free call experience will be like. We make sure to check for voice during conference calls, and if it isn’t hazy, we are sure it’s clear. These tests ensure the product you are buying is one of the best. We believe in helping all our readers out. A lot of work goes behind in the reviews and articles we put out for you. So when purchasing a product, you can surely trust our opinion! 

From the comprehensive guide we have here for you, you can easily choose the best headphones for yourself. Get to purchasing and enjoy your time with an elevated sound experience.