Turtle Beach Recon 70

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset Review

With gaming headsets getting very costly day by day, some people need a basic pair of headphones that works with different devices and can get them through; the Turtle Beach Recon 70 is the right pair for you. In addition, the device works quite right, but it has its highs and lows. This review will help you figure out more about the headphones and decide for yourself. 



The Turtle Beach Recon 70’s plastic shell struggles to avoid looking flimsy because of the red and black finish. If you try wiggling the cups and the band, you might not get much, so make sure to avoid applying a lot of pressure because it would snap quite easily. A groove with a Turtle Beach logo and the band’s connection point runs down the center of the matte-black ear cups. The larger, black band with the Turtle Beach emblem and three aesthetically pleasing, glossy indents on either side holds the more prominent black band with the red band just above the cup. 

They come with a red and black interior featuring the Turtle Beach logo. It does come in different colors, and all of them are labeled according to their console. The Nintendo Switch one is red and black, the Xbox One headset is green and black or green and white, whereas the blue and white or blue and black option is for the Playstation 4 headset. 



The synthetic-leather ear cups of the Recon 70 are pretty cozy and will perfectly fit over your ears, but the foam cushion isn’t as soft as you would want it to be. You will find another cushion right under the band, and it isn’t too stiff but might be improvised in terms of price; the makers have done a decent job. The band is simple to change; however, there are no notches to show where it is balanced. Though after a few hours, you will forget you’re wearing a headset which is the best you can get, especially for $40. 

In terms of stability, these headphones are not great. Since they are a bit snug on the head, they don’t move around too much when you play games, listen to music, or go for a stroll. They are heavy, though, and swing a lot when jogging. If you wear them while exercising, they can come off your head. Recon 70 comes with a non-detachable cord, so if it gets hooked on something, the headset can get yanked off your head. You will have to be careful when using them in places where there is a chance they might get stuck. 



The performance of the Turtle Beach Recon 70 is quite mediocre, but for a headset, it’s pretty cheap. The volume, on the other hand, can get quite loud. Listening to acoustic guitar songs may come out as vibrant and relatively clear, but for songs with higher beats and bass, you may not like the outcome. In cases where there is a lot of chorus in your songs, the audio becomes distorted and makes the track pretty off. With songs that include instrumentals, the outcome can be muddy and not up the par. So in terms of audio, the headset is quite average, and the deliverance varies according to the type of music you listen to. 

The Turtle Beach Recon 70 provides a decent gaming experience in terms of sound. If you’re planning to use it during games like Fortnite, in situations where the bass goes a little up, especially during solid hits, you might not hear the sound quite clearly, and it comes muddy. But in gunshots, the voice will come out pretty clear; all of this comes from experience, as we have used the headset for a game test. The sounds come out as a war-zone situation, but they are fine. 



When talking casually, the Microphone sound is fine; you can take calls and attend online meetings using the Recon 70. But if you do end up shouting and your voice rises a few octaves, the audio peaks, and the voice becomes distorted, especially to the people listening while gaming or on call. Remember that it does pick up all the voices in the background. So you might want to sit somewhere quiet if you wish to attend important meetings or focus on your games. 

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Positives and Negatives 

After going through the turtle beach recon 70 review, you can now go through these positives and negatives to come to a concrete understanding of the product. Let’s find out what makes this product stand out. 


  • All-rounder and works with diverse systems 
  • The gaming sound is quite decent 
  • Supper-affordable 
  • It comes with comfortable cups


  • The design is not up to the par
  • The microphone can be rigid
  • The bass is a bit muddy


  1. Can you hear footsteps with Turtle Beach Recon 70?

The Recon 70 accentuates the highs and the tactical audio cues, especially for the sounds of footsteps, the pitter-patter of rain, and even when someone closes the door loudly. 

  1. Does Turtle Beach Recon 70 mic?

The Turtle Beach Recon 70 has gaming headset features and is quite comfortable and lightweight. The speakers are 40mm and over-ear speakers, and the flip-up mic with high sensitivity. 

  1. Is Turtle Beach Recon 70 or stealth better?

A comparison between the Turtle Beach Recon 70 and Stealth 300 shows that the Stealth 300 is better. Both are comfortable, but Stealth 300 has better airflow and won’t make your ears feel warm. However, both are wired headsets that need to be juiced to function. 

  1. Does Turtle Beach Recon 70 have Bluetooth?

The Recon 70 aren’t Bluetooth-compatible headphones, but if you’re looking for one, then the Stealth 700 Wireless and Beach Elite Pro 2 SuperAmp are good options. These do support Bluetooth connectivity. 

Bottom Line

For $40, the Recon 70 is a moderate choice, especially if you’re aiming to save some bucks. Relatively, the headphones do offer comfort when wearing the cups and have decent gaming performance. The best part is it functions smoothly with different devices and systems. But, you will have to endure the mediocre and ordinary design. However, the fact that it’s cheap in a sea of expensive headsets makes it bearable for those who need an alternative to all the costly gaming headsets. If you’re looking for a pair that doesn’t leave a dent in your pocket, give theTurtle Beach Recon 70 a shot!

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