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16 Steps to Fix: Spotify Web Player Won’t Play

Steps to Fix: Spotify Web Player Won’t Play

Spotify Web Player is the most user-friendly method of enjoying music and podcasts on Spotify. It is not necessary to install any additional packages. Spotify music can simply be listened to on a web browser. However, the web Spotify player does not always operate. You may encounter this problem on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. After selecting the “Play” button, you are unable to log in or receive any response.

Why isn’t the Spotify Web Player functioning correctly? And how can you resolve the Spotify Web Player not working problem? Today, we provide some more valuable and tried-tested information about it. And provide plausible explanations for why you will encounter it, as well as viable alternatives for resolving the issue.

How to Enable Spotify Web Player in Your Browser

The web player version of Spotify is an online service that contains nearly all of the features of the desktop app. This web player allows you to search for Spotify artists, podcasts, tracks, and albums. You can search for fresh featured playlists in any genre or mood. You can also edit your playlists in your browsers.

It is compatible with a wide range of common web browsers, including Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Safari does not support the Spotify browser players due to Apple’s security concerns about the Widevine plug-in. In any case, if you use a Mac, get a new browser to access the Spotify web player.

Spotify does not enable the browser player by default. So, how do you get Spotify Web Player to work in your browser? Please follow the instructions to enable it if this is your first time using the web player.

How to Enable Spotify Web Player

Spotify web player is an online music streaming service that enables users to access the entire Spotify collection as well as enjoy the same capabilities as the Spotify desktop client via web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and so on. You may use the Spotify web player to make playlists, save albums, radio stations, and artists, look up songs, find lyrics, and so on.

Easy Guide to Enable Spotify Web Player

If you haven’t used the Spotify web player before, it is essential that you start by manually enabling the service in your browser. Otherwise, when you try to use the web player, you may obtain an error message such as “Playback of protected content is not enabled.” Also, the Spotify web player will stop playing. We are using Google Chrome as our example to demonstrate how to enable it.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome on your smartphone. After that, go to chrome:/settings/content.

Step 2: Enable the “Allow site to play protected material” choice under Protected content.

Step 3: Access the Spotify web player by going to Then, as needed, sign in to your Spotify account.

As expected, you should now be able to browse and listen to any Spotify music and playlist using the web player.

How to Enable Spotify Web Player on Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open the official Spotify Web Player website on your Firefox browser.

Step 2: Right beside the search field, click the info symbol on the left. Then click ‘Remove Blocking for This Site.’

Step 3: Restart the Spotify Web Player to test if the Spotify Web Player in Firefox is not working issue has been resolved.

If Spotify Web Player still does not work on Chrome/Firefox, please refer to the above tutorial. Then you’ll allow the playback-protected material in the browser.

What Causes the Spotify Web Player Not Working Problem?

The Spotify web player is not without flaws. Unfortunately, there is no general approach to getting everything working as perfectly as you would like. What is the reason for this? Any of the following common factors could cause the Spotify web player not working issue.

Yes, device-specific issues can always occur. For example, you could have installed an app that blocks the Spotify web app from working elsewhere. However, you can only handle those concerns after you have gone through the usual problems and their answers.

Spotify users do not need to be concerned about common concerns. We have listed several solutions.

How to Fix The Spotify Web Player Won’t Play Issue?

We have selected the top 16 solutions to the Spotify web player not playing issue. You can proceed with the following fixes in the order they are given.

Fix 1: Login And Logout Of Your Spotify Account

Your Spotify Account should be logged out and logged back in. To resolve the Spotify Web Player not working issue, please log out and re-login to your Spotify account. Follow these steps:

Fix 2: Check Your Network Connection

The first step toward resolving the Spotify won’t play error is to check your internet connection. Other internet issues may prevent the web app from playing tracks or audiobooks even after opening the Spotify online app.

For example, if you have to wait several minutes after clicking on music, the most likely cause is an internet issue.

In these cases, you should check to see if your device has an active/stable internet connection. If you use WiFi, you may need to reconnect to the network. You may need to restart the modem/router if your network is down.

After reconnecting, you should be able to use the Spotify web player again.

Fix 3: Check Anti-virus and Firewall Settings

If the only website that you are unable to connect to is Spotify, then the issue may be limited. Check to see if your computer’s firewall or antivirus settings are blocking this service. We recommend that you first disable your Windows or Mac’s antivirus and firewall.

Fix 4: Flush DNS Cache on Your Computer

Now, many computers try to provide better Internet service by caching web pages and related data to the local computer. And then it’s faster and easier to load the web page. However, it may occasionally cache incorrect data or errors. 

As a result, the page and the SpotifyWebPlayer will not load. In this situation, you should remove all of your browser’s cached data, including history, cookies, temporary files, and so on. You can also flush the DNS on your machine. We will demonstrate how to flush the DNS cache on your PC below.

As a result, the page and the SpotifyWebPlayer will not load. In this situation, you should remove all of your browser’s cached data, including history, cookies, temporary files, and so on. You can also flush the DNS on your machine. We will demonstrate how to flush the DNS cache on your PC below.

Step 1. Under the ‘Search’ option, type ‘Command Prompt.’ Right-click the Command prompt and choose the ‘Run as administrator option.

Step 2. Then, please enter the following commands:

Step 3. Simply close and then reopen your web browser to access Spotify and see whether the Spotify Web Player not loading issue has been resolved.

Fix 5: Use Incognito Mode/Private Window

To resolve the Spotify Web Player not working issue, in incognito mode or a private window, open Spotify Web Player.

On Chrome:

On Firefox:

On Microsoft Edge:

Fix 6: Delete Your Web Browser’s Cache and Cookies

Cookies serve comparable tasks to cache files. It can keep and control information that websites save on your computer. It could also be utilized in the future when you return to the websites. If the cookies are damaged, Spotify Web Player will not work. Clear the cache and erase cookies from the browser to resolve the issue.

For Chrome:

For Firefox:

For Microsoft Edge:

Fix 7: Update Your Browser

If you try the procedures listed above and are still unable to resolve the issue, there may be an issue with the browser. It may be too old or not support the Web Player version of Spotify. As a result, you can attempt to upgrade the web browser on your system. When using the compatible version, please uninstall and reinstall the most recent version. All Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers are available for download from the official website.

Fix 8: Load Spotify Track via the Link

If you can launch the Spotify Web Player, if it opens properly but does not play Spotify music, try the following. Copy and paste the Spotify album link into the browser and press enter. Furthermore, please avoid using Spotify on numerous devices simultaneously. If so, under the ‘Connect’ button, select ‘This Web Player’ as the choice to listen to music. Then the Spotify Web Player not playing problem will be resolved.

Fix 9: Disable Browser Extensions

Extensions can always assist in getting the job done well. However, extensions can sometimes interfere with multimedia playback and internet streaming. So, to resolve the Spotify Web Player is a broken issue, you could try disabling browser extensions. We’ll teach Spotify users how to accomplish it in the Chrome browser.

Fix 10: Disable Your Ad Blocker

Do you have an ad-blocker extension installed on your browser? The ad blocker may conflict with the Spotify web player and cause errors. Luckily, the solutions are simple: you can either remove your browser’s ad-blocker extension or simply disable the ad-blocker on the Spotify web page. Restart the browser and check if the Spotify web player works correctly.

Fix 11: Switch to a Different Browser

Sometimes the issue isn’t with Spotify; the browser is the main culprit. You may encounter the Spotify Web Player not working error if you use an outdated web browser that lacks modern features. For example, if the browser does not support modern streaming features, the Spotify web player will not load.

To resolve the issue, you should upgrade your current browser to its latest version or switch to a different browser. Google Chrome, Brave, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are all excellent choices.

Fix 12: Close Background Tasks

You can try closing background processes if the Spotify Web Player is not working in your browser.

Fix 13: Change Current Location/Use a VPN

If the issue has occurred after traveling to a different country or city, you can try changing the location by using a VPN to resolve the Spotify podcasts not working error. Follow the steps below:

Fix 14: Install Windows Media Feature Pack

You might face the Spotify music player won’t open error because you are using the Windows 11 N version.

The N version doesn’t have the Media Feature Pack; thus, it causes Spotify Web Player errors. You can resolve this error by downloading a Media Feature Pack. Follow the steps below:

Fix 15: Enable Protected Content

Are you having trouble with the Spotify online player not working in Chrome? You may have disabled Protected Content. Protected content is copyright-protected content that you cannot simply distribute.

On Google Chrome,

Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Site and shields settings > Additional content settings > Protected Content IDs. 

Now set the default behavior to play protected content. Restart the browser and check if Spotify Web Player is now working. 

Fix 16: Download the Spotify PC app

If you are still facing the Spotify web player not working error, you can try the last option, download the Spotify PC app. The Spotify PC app is available for download from the official website.

The PC app has several additional features that improve the overall experience. For example, you can listen to Spotify tunes even if no browser is open.

Final Words 

We hope our tested methods will help you fix the Spotify web player errors and resume playback. Ensure that you are not trying to use Spotify on shared or public networks (e.g., schools/stores/offices) since these areas have restricted access to certain services. We recommend trying a combination of our fixes before contacting Spotify for support. 

Do let us know which method helped you resolve the Spotify Web Player, not working errors. 

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