PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Review

PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Review

PS5 has been a game changer for gamers bringing on the table its support for 3D audio. The tempest engine does all the work, so any ordinary wired headphone can deliver gamers with 3D immersive audio whenever it is plugged into the DualSense controller. But the only compatible pair is the Pulse 3D Headset for users who wish to go wireless. 

But the question is the Sony Pulse 3D worth the purchase? Since it’s the only compatible option, it has the packed features to make your 3D experience even better. Find out all about the Sony-Playstation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset so you can decide whether it is worth the purchase.

Sony Pulse 3D Price 

The Sony Pulse 3D is available in the monochromatic, white, and black Headset for $99 and £89 anywhere online and offline. 

Sony Pulse 3D Build 

Sony Pulse 3D Build 

The controls of the Pulse 3D Headset are all located around the edge of the left ear cup. They come with a rocker that helps adjust the audio and chat between gaming, a switch that allows turning the monitor mode on, a volume button, a power button, and even mute buttons. Now, most of these buttons are followed by a notification on-screen, and this is something that other headsets don’t offer. 

Sony did a great job in terms of the design and the build quality. It has a mix of curved lines and straight edges and looks more like a matured gaming headset. The Headset is sleek, stylish, and a unique accessory to match your PS5. The status light only has a single LED light on the product. You won’t see a mic arm because it is hidden within the earcups of the Pulse 3D headset. This can be a good option for gamers who don’t like an overly lit aesthetic and want something simple.

Sound Quality Pulse 3D

Sound Quality Pulse 3D

Surprisingly, the sound quality of the Pulse 3D has the right amount of crappiness and provides depth to users. Conversely, the treble flows towards brightness, and the midrange is a bit textured. The headphones deliver vocals directly with decent enough dynamics, and the pulse 3D headset can conveniently have subtle shifts and even impressive crests. 

When it comes to timing, the pair falls now the minute the tracks become a bit busy and deliver together. That’s when the Headset struggles to grasp the smallest details. The timing issue isn’t evident during the gaming, and the strong cord of your gaming sounds easily gets delivered when you use the Headset for the purpose it is designed for. 

Even though you can get 3D audio when you plug your standard headphones into the DualSense controller, the precision the Pulse 3D headset provides altogether is a lot more than the similarly priced headsets. Users will feel that the 3D audio delivery has been tailored for the Headset providing an impressive experience. 

The pair is a perfect substitute for a surround sound speaker package creating a decent sound field for users. It has placement effects that are even better than a home cinema system.

Performance and Pulse 3D Headset

Performance and Pulse 3D Headset

In terms of performance, the 3D Headset is simple; you can set it up very easily. Just plug in the dongle on your PS5 and slide the power button; you will hear two beeps, meaning you are now connected and are good to go. 

Now during play time and in terms of performance, the Audi features impressive detail. You can see what’s happening in the background, and nothing is left out. These can be pretty fighting games where you can not miss out on any details. These are all that you want from a 3D audio headset, with their well-surrounded and designed effect, and even though it isn’t designed for audio, it still does a decent job in delivering. Some users did feel as if the audio was sometimes a bit distant, now, you may not feel this during gaming, but when listening to songs, this is a possibility. 

The audio from both headphones seems fine for people using them to take calls. You can hear on both ends without distortion; however, it may sound slightly muffled. Overall, the performance is decent and good enough at its price point. 



The Pulse 3D Headset transcends towards being an excellent headset to have on. The Headset is relatively light, and with the soft cushions, you do not feel like you’re hot around your ears or being weighed down. It also comes with a ski-style headband which makes the experience all the better because you do not have to adjust it every other second; what many users may feel missing are the rotatable earcups. The earcups on this one are fixed in one place, and users get no option to customize the angle and no room to flatten out to store them somewhere, so that might be a red flag for some gamers. 

Battery Life

According to Sony, they promise that the Pulse 3D Headset offers up to 12 hours of playback on a single charge. We believe it can do even more if the usage is lesser throughout the day. For gamers, that can be a bummer because headsets of the same price offer a playback time of 24 hours or more. But if the battery runs out, you can use the 3.5mm connection wire and charge it quickly so as not to delay your gaming sessions. 

Pulse 3D Headset Positives and Negatives 

Pulse 3D Headset Positives and Negatives 

After reading the complete review, you must know the standing out points and the underwhelming points of the Pulse 3D Headset.


  • Stylish and good in terms of looks
  • Suitable for gamers, music, and even movies
  • Decent prices
  • Sound is effective and can be customized


  • The microphone is not very impressive
  • Advanced controls are not designed properly


1. Is it worth getting PS5 Pulse 3D Headset?

The Pulse 3D Headset offers a good stereo, which allows quick setup, and a good quality microphone similar to Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. Some may not like the plastic build, but overall it has a lot in store for users at the prices of $99, £89, and AU$159. 

2. Is the Pulse 3D Headphones worth it?

The Headset provides the very same experience other headsets out there do too. But what makes it stand out is how it is a gaming headset. In comparison with the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset, this one has a decent microphone and also a good build quality which makes the user experience more comfortable. 

3. Is Pulse 3D good for gaming?

The Headset is decent enough for gaming, especially if you are into wired gaming. It comes with a TRRS cable that is ⅛”, which allows complete audio and microphone compatibility with Playstation, Xbox, and even PCs. 

Bottom Line:

The PS5 Pulse 3D Headset Review can be pretty ideal for anyone whos looking to make the purchase but is skeptical about the product. If you are still struggling to decide whether these are good enough, you must know that these are the perfect accessory for PS5 users. The Pulse 3D headset is designed for gaming and excels in it. The in-depth review will be the perfect helping hand in helping you discover all about the product and why there is so much hype. If you are looking for a cheap pair of headphones that is an ideal gaming partner and makes up for the lack of home cinema, then the Pulse 3D Headset will be a good choice. 

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