Logitech G930 Review

Today’s market is evolving, which means we are swamped with multiple products. Making a decision eventually becomes quite challenging. But at the end of the day, it is imperative that you buy a product that is better suited to your needs. You will find multiple headsets in the market, but you may not find anything as good as the Logitech G930. 

The G930 headphones can easily fall into the budget of many gamers, especially if you are an entry-level gamer. These headphones are promising, which is why they are a favorite. To make things easier, we have an in-depth review of the Logitech G930 that explains all a user needs to know about the headset.

You will find out ergonomics, music and gaming performance, battery life, connectivity, software, all about wireless compatibility and design. We have weighed the pros and cons and evaluated the headset in detail. 

Stay tuned until the end to make your decision to purchase the Logitech G930 easier!

G930 Logitech Price Range

When comparing the Logitech G930, it is most closely compared to Corsair’s Void Pro Wireless Headset. These headphones have similar driver components and offer the same battery life and wireless compatibility.  

If you have previously invested in the Logitech ecosystem, you may know how the G93 Logitech will be an excellent choice. It has exceptional built quality, a decent gaming performance, and is most likely made for gamers.

All those audiophiles and gamers, too, won’t be happy with how it is. For $100, it is an excellent valuable g930 headset, which is comfortable, has a decent sound, offers an impressive software experience, and has a good build. 

Logitech G930 Performance in Music

Logitech G930 Review

When it comes to the music performance of the G930 Logitech, it’s not top-notch. The music sounds quite bland and flat. The EQ options aren’t of any help too. But if you apply different presets, that can be a little help but wouldn’t make a massive change. 

The G930 has a plain soundscape, and the notes are left unclear. It still has no passion in it. This ultimately makes us understand how these g930 headsets are not made to listen to music. Audiophiles shouldn’t be disappointed. Gamers, this one is undoubtedly for you!

Logitech G930 Gaming Performance

The Logitech G930 is the headset you need when it comes to playing games! It provides you with a premium experience, providing you with the sound of every shot that is fired, every jump and skip, and the battle sounds taking place inside your games.

When playing a car racing game, you will love the sound that you can hear of the building up of speed. It indeed is one of the best headsets! The surround sound that the G930 offers makes it relatively easy to tell if someone is about to attack you or not, which makes your gameplay excellent. 

Logitech G930 Battery Life

The battery life of the Logitech G930 is pretty decent and may last you for 10 hours on a single charge. In situations when you end up running out of battery, the charging cable can be the helping hand to get your G930 headset powered up.

In contrast with other gaming headphones, the Logitech G930 is indeed a good option because not only are they cheap, but they have excellent playback time. 

G930 Connectivity

The G930 is quite simple, works pretty quickly, and is reliable without disconnecting when it comes to connectivity. The users get the 2.4GHz technology, approximately 38% faster than a Bluetooth even. 

This feature is impressive and has an excellent wireless link that works impressively. Those who are worried about disconnections shouldn’t because they happen rarely.The sound comes through pretty clean and has no hiss!

G930 Comfort

After the G230 and the G430 headsets and how they were, the G930 follows the impressive tradition. It has a decent amount of cushioning, round the ear cups and even the headband. Users can wear the G93 headset for extended periods. You get a good fit because of the versatile headband and the swiveling earcups.  

So for those who want a good pair of headphones and do not have to worry about something weighing them down, the G930 seems like a good option. You can have a pleasant gaming time and enjoy these comfortable pairs of gaming headphones!

G930 Design

The G930 headset is wireless and designed to cater to numerous gamers’ needs. It has a volume kob fixed to the earcups, swiveling ear cups, and a versatile headband that you can adjust to suit your needs. The microphone is directional and rotates with ease. 

The design is made for gamers and to make usage even more convenient. You will have more buttons on the earcups, and the left earcup has an off/on button. It even has a surround sound button and three more programmable buttons. The controls can carry out several tasks, from lying on different tracks to pausing and even skipping tracks. 

The Logitech G930 has a docking station, which comes with a USB wireless dongle and double cord to assist in charging. 

Logitech G930 Software

The Logitech G930 software is a gaming program with excellent reasons that make it stand out. You can use the software to control multiple Logitech gaming gadgets just from a single place. The software is immaculate, easy to work around, and has a pretty instinctive interface. 

Using the G930 Logitech software, you can create different sound profiles for numerous games. This puts the software ahead of its list of competitors. You can use the software to scan your PCs for games and make multiple profiles.

The G1, G2, and G3 buttons can be easily assigned to these buttons on the headsets to follow up with in-game commands. The software has one drawback only, which is the sound equalizer. So if you are an expert in mixing sounds, it may be pretty challenging and a long process. 

Positives and Negatives

A quick analysis of the Logitech G930 may be helpful. We have here the positives and negatives of the device, which will be beneficial in making you understand if the G930 checks your list and is the one for you.

Positives Negatives 
It has robust software. It does not have any sound presets. 
It has excellent surround sound. The music performance is mediocre. 
The wireless functionality of the Logitech G930 is excellent. 

Wrap It Up!

The Logitech G930 is a complete package for all people looking for something that falls within the budget. The G930 offers an average microphone and provides software that allows you to change the sound. 

The headset may not be ideal for audiophiles, but it is for gamers. The G930 is pretty comfortable and can be worn for more extended periods. So have a good gaming session with your friends without worrying about feeling bulky. The booming bass, clarity, seamless connectivity, coupled with good battery life, makes these headphones a solid buy.

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