House of Marley Positive Vibration XL Review

House of Marley is a company known for its commitment to sustainability and the environment. They use recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes to minimize their environmental impact. But eco-friendly headphones? That sounds cool! 

If you are on the lookout for environmentally-friendly headphones, then look no further because the Bob Marley headphones are the perfect pair for you. They come with excellent features, are comfortable to wear, have an adequate sound, and have a stable Bluetooth connection. It ticks quite a few boxes for multiple people. 

So if you are unsure, stay tuned till the end to finalize your purchase, and then you can add it to the cart!

House of Marley Features

Marley headphones offer the following features to all the users buying them. Its features include an excellent and reliable wireless connection, so the headphones stay connected to your device, Built-in controls, an LED indicator for battery, a microphone, fast-charging for users, and in-line controls. 

The controls are easy to navigate for all users; you can listen to your favorite tracks, increase and decrease the volume, attend calls, and even offers voice assistant support. It doesn’t come with app support, so that may be a bummer for people. 

When it comes to the microphone quality of the headphones, keep in mind that they can easily be used in quiet places, but if you are in a noisy room, the usage because a little challenging. Calls may not be as clear because the other person may find out you are using a headset. After all, the voice sometimes becomes distorted. 

The Marley headphones also offer a tone prompt that tells you if the headphones are open or turned off. The same indicator also notifies you when your battery levels are low before they die on you. You can quickly put them to charge.

Marley Headphones Design & Comfort 

The Bob Marley headphones are available in copper, blue, and black models. The positive vibration XL has an over-ear built and comes with a cloth-clad headband and an ear-pads made of faux leather. You will find that the inside and earcups of the headband are made up of memory foam which makes it quite comfortable to wear for more extended periods. 

The Bob Marley positive headphones have an FSC-certified wood embelishmet with the House Marley logo. Internally, you will find that the outer panel houses 40mm drivers. Coming to the right panel, you will find the three-button control panel, which handles the playback of your favorite tracks, manages calls, and can even be used as a power button. 

You can also use the same button as your voice assistant by pressing it thrice. On the outer side, the plus and minus signs can increase and decrease the volume of your Marley headphones. 

The bob Marley positive headphones come with a clothbound charging cable and even an audio cable with a single button remote. You can use it passively, especially when the cable is plugged in. House of Marley ships the headphones with a drawstring bag which can be used to fold your earcups and keep them away safely. 

Marley Headphones Sound 

House of Marley Positive Vibration XL Review

The Bob Marley headphones have a balanced sound with prominent bass and brisk highs. The positive vibration XL headphones are suitable for all music genres. 

But at the same time, the bass isn’t potent, not like the Beats headphones. But it has its rumble and may be good enough for many people. On the other hand, the vocals sound pretty realistic and flow naturally, which may delight a few people. The Marley headphones have a soundstage that is relatively small for over-ears. The sound isn’t as spacious as you get with brands producing higher-end headphones. The headphones don’t have a very high maximum volume, it is good enough, and the sound doesn’t come out as distorted. We believe the clear highs, a rich base, and realistic vocals make the sound quality of the Marley headphones pretty decent. 

Marley Headphones: Bluetooth

The Bluetooth vibration offers a 5.0 connectivity and works pretty decent. It provides its users’ stability and can also work over two walls which is a rarity. If you wonder about there being a delay while watching videos, you must know that there is none. 

Most of the headphones that you find today may offer a 5.0 connection but may not work as strongly as the Marley headphones. But do keep in mind the standard range of 30ft and 10m, which is quite a lot. 

You can sit back and catch up on your favorite videos; the Marley headphones offer the basic SBC, which is adequate but can’t be a given a 5 star. All-in-all you will not get any white noise you will typically observe in cheaper headphones, and as soon as you pause, there is nothing but silence which is how it should be. 

The Marley Headphones Noise-Cancellation

The positive vibration XL has a hybrid noise-cancellation capacity with two mics to reduce the ambient sounds. House of Marley headphones cannot completely eradicate the external sounds, but it surely does lessen the distractions so you can listen to your music and attend calls in peace. 

The noise-cancellation feature is excellent to cancel out the wind; you may not be able to get affected by the wind except for a few whooshing sounds. House of Marley headphones has their transparency mode, known as the Monitor Mode. This helps to increase your awareness regarding different ambient noises. Keep in mind that the volume needs to be kept low for sounds to be differentiated. 

The Vibration Headphones Battery Life 

The vibration headphones have a battery life that is good enough to last you for 24 hours. But this also depends on the volume you are using your headphones on. The USB Cable is a fast-charging cable and can quickly charge your headphones for an uninterrupted time. It also comes with an LED indicator that blinks to show how much battery is left. 

We believe a battery capacity that lasts you for a day is enough for users who have excessive usage. It takes 2 hours for the headphones to get fully charged, and because of the excellent quick charge option, you can even charge them for 10 minutes which will last you for up to 4 hours of uninterrupted time, which is excellent!

Marley Headphones Positives and Negatives 

Positives Negatives 
Stable Bluetooth connectionIt has smaller earpads which not fit big ears
Eco-friendly headphones The headband can be a little inflexible
It has a cool design with wooden features 
Under $100
Decent build-quality
It has a decent sound

Marley Headphones: Price

You can find the Bob Marley positive vibration XL headphones for $99 directly from the House of Marley website. It comes with a stash bag, a quick guide, a booklet for warranty, an Aux cable, and a USB-C charging cable. 

The headphones are designed for all eco-conscious users who want headphones with a decent sound and an active noise-cancellation. You may get similar features in higher-end headphones, such as the Bose 700, which retails for $400, and Airpods Max for $549. So this seems like an excellent option for users who want to cut prices but want a good alternative. 

Final Thoughts Bob Marley Positive Headphone XL

So if you are looking for a pair of Bluetooth vibration headphones and wish to get your hands on a crisp high, deep bass, then the positive vibration XL headphones may be the right fit for you. You do not find a decent pair of headphones in this price range nowadays. It has an excellent built, a decent battery life and good quality sound. The Marley headphones are perfect for all those looking for headphones that can be carried easily on the go. 

The vibration headphones are eco-friendly, and what makes it even better is a chunk of your money will be sent to plant new trees. So this makes it a guilt-free purchase! With a full Bluetooth functioning, this indeed seems like a package.

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