13 Best Headphones for Mixing

Headphones are the most essential part of the studio gear. They are used to monitor the sound and make sure that everything is in order. The headphones also help to isolate the sound from outside sources and concentrate on mixing.

Mixing is an art form that requires a lot of concentration and skill. It is important to have a good pair of headphones that will help you focus on what you’re doing without any distractions or noises from outside sources.

With our expert help, we will help you purchase the best headphones for mixing. Let’s dive in and find out the best ones in the market!

1. Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

Many music industry experts choose Sennheiser as their brand of choice since it leads the market in the pricing range. A serious musician or music producer would love these. They are popular for audio that is very clear and undistorted

A studio musician who handles mixing professionally would benefit most from using these reference headphones. They are ideal for working on pro mixes due to their great quality and flat response. Additionally, you do need to fret about an imbalanced sound because the frequency response seems perfect for blending any kind of music. Another benefit of excellent open-back headphones is the spatial sound they produce. They are quite comfy and have large ear cups and velour ear cushions. They also come with a protective cover to make transportation simpler.


  1. It has a comfortable fit and provides velour earpads.
  2. Sennheiser studio headphones have a lifelike vocal rendition.
  3. These headphones have an excellent reference for neutral sound. 


  1. Smaller soundstage 
  2. You need to amp the mixer to get better performance. 

2. Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro

With tight, controlled bass performance, they produce a very detailed sound throughout the frequency response. You may use them for casual listening as well because they are less sibilant at greater levels than other Beyerdynamic headphones. These are high-end headphones with an excellent design that should hold up in a demanding studio setting. They are packaged in a sturdy, hard-shell carrying case.

You don’t have to worry about your ears hurting since the velour earpads are well cushioned and quite comfortable. The cable is of decent quality and removable, however, it requires a unique connector. Although connecting them to a headphone amp is still the best alternative, they are pretty simple to drive.


  1. The Beyerdynamic has a detailed sound 
  2. The bass response is very controlled.
  3. It provides a very comfortable fit for the users so you can wear it conveniently for extended hours.


  1. They can end up creating a hissing sound in the background.

 3. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

With superb neutral frequency response, they are the right sign for Audio Technica to create their own HD 600. With precise bass frequencies and luscious treble, the R70x features a seamless, airy audio quality.

They don’t sound particularly three-dimensional despite having an open-back design. Thankfully, the imaging is still effective. R70x is made largely of aluminum, so they feel completely weightless. Two wings softly sustain their entire weight as they perch on your head.

It’s extremely nice that you can see the driver plainly through a metallic mesh. They have soft earpads that feel comfortable on your skin, but because the ear cups are fixed, they can’t be used by those with smaller skulls.

You require a strong amplifier because these high-impedance headphones have much more resistance than regular headphones (600 ohms) and a powerful interface will be needed to drive these headphones in the right way. 


  1. Audio-Technica provides an in-depth and neutral sound for the listeners. 
  2. They have a very lightweight and comfortable design making them easier to carry around. 


  1. It is not ideal for users who have a smaller heads.

4. AKG K702

AKG is still setting new standards! They have incorporated a two-layer diaphragm and a patented design, for an enhanced high-frequency range. This provides a great deal of high-end clarity. It has detachable cables that are compatible with 6.3mm and 3.5mm connectors. The ear cushions are cozy and may be changed when they start to look old and shabby. 

These are some of the greatest headsets for mixing and mastering since they don’t increase the bass, which may not be ideal for listening to hardcore trance music. The headphones are ideal for premium mixing in a crowded studio. Flat and somewhat precise mids, highs, and lows are essential for high-quality output.


  1. They have a flat frequency response 
  2. They come with velour pads making them comfortable 


  1. The earpads and cable aren’t very durable

5. Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO

They are ideal for mixing since they have a great soundstage and less harmonic distortion. They are a highly-liked model among music enthusiasts as well due to their flat sound character.

For studio usage, the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headsets have several useful professional features. They are comfy with a plush headband and strong ear cups, and their 250-ohm impedance qualifies them for studio mixing. All of the components are also interchangeable. Many musicians swear by using these headphones to mix voices since they are crystal clear, have a flat frequency response, and have exceptional midrange clarity. They even contain a 6.3mm adaptor in addition to the usual 3.5mm coil that they ship with.


  1. They have a massive soundstage 
  2. The build quality is robust and excellent if you want something that doesn’t break easily 
  3. They provide excellent midrange clarity for users. 
  4. They are very close to the neutral sound signature which makes the outcome good. 


  1. The sound can get a bit sibilant.

 6. Sennheiser HD 560 S

In terms of audio quality, these headphones are an addition to the HD 6xx line-up. Their sound is nice and flat, with a large soundstage and somewhat louder treble.

Except for the iron mesh that shields drivers, HD 560 S is built of plastic. They are extremely lightweight and incredibly pleasant to use for longer durations because of that and their large earpads. A second 3.5mm adaptor is provided in the package, and the bundled cable terminates in a 6.3mm socket. Additionally, they also come with a removable cable.

Although they have a somewhat high impedance of 120 ohms, your laptop or smartphone may drive them to produce significant sound pressure levels. With the right amp, they will undoubtedly sound better.


  1. They have velour earpads which make them comfortable to wear especially for extended periods.
  2. An exceptional neutral sound 
  3. The big soundstage makes the music seem as if it’s live right there in front of you. This elevates user experience.


  1. The Sennheiser HD headphones may get sibilant quite a few times.


7. Sony MDR-7506

They feature a defined midrange and a bass that is evenly distributed throughout. The upper frequencies, though, can be a little bit harsh. 

Audio professionals and technicians have relied primarily on the MDR-7506 as a reliable pair of headphones. Due to their lengthy, coiled cord, they aren’t especially showy or convenient for commuting. Fortunately, they still fold up into a little package and come with a carrying pouch. Most head sizes can fit into headphones, which are made of reasonably lightweight material. Although not the thickest available, earpads should be comfortable for a few hours of use.


  1. The noise isolation is decent
  2. For people who need a larger pair of headphones, this one will be ideal. 
  3. The sound quality is crisp, accurate, and quite powerful in comparison with others. 
  4. It is lightweight so can be carried easily everywhere you go. 


  1. The cable it comes with is non-removable so it may be a problem for some people.
  2. The foldable design makes it fragile and prone to breakage.

  8. AKG K245

Although the sound is more technical than the K240, the K245 indeed has an analytical sound. Particularly in the bottom response, which is louder and more dynamic. This time around, the soundstage is smaller due to the smooth treble.

Depending on the size of your ears, they fit quite comfortably. Users with tiny ears shouldn’t face any issues, however, others could feel uncomfortable. The problem should be resolved by switching to larger, plusher earpads.

The structure is quite lightweight overall since it is made primarily of plastic. Even more, AKG created the foldable K245 employing a distinctive folding headphone design.

Additionally, if the cable is broken, it may be quickly replaced. Take note that it connects using an AKG-exclusive mini-XLR connector.


  1. It has an excellent sound quality which will satisfy audiophiles.
  2. The design is foldable making it very easy to carry.
  3. It comes with a replaceable cable.


  1. The treble is quite smooth.
  2. It comes with replacement earpads that are needed to get the best comfort. 

9. Samson SR850

In the current headphone industry, there aren’t many sound consumer items like these mixing headphones. They have a very dynamic sound with strong, powerful bass and natural frequency response is produced by neodymium drivers.

Treble frequencies have a significantly richer sound character because they are more noticeable. Even though the soundstage is fairly expansive, the overall stereo picture remains unaffected.

They are also among the top studio headphones. Since the entire device is constructed of plastic, even the headband and earpads seem a little bit harsher to the touch. Not a very fashionable layout. Fortunately, you should find them pleasant because of how lightly they clamp. Try some AKG earpads as they have a comparable size if you want to increase overall comfort.

Remember that these are semi-open, giving you a very easy listening experience with a minimum amount of audio leakage. 


  1. The Samson has a fantastic sound for the price range it offers. 
  2. The construction is quite lightweight making it very easy to carry. 
  3. It caters to the requirement of people looking for mixing headphones but on a budget. 
  4. These are good headphones for music. 
  5. They have decent durability. 


  1. It does not have good noise isolation which may be a problem for some people. 
  2. It is entirely made up of plastic which means the build feels a bit cheap.


10. AKG K371

Given that Samsung and the Harman Group own AKG, it is expected that their headphones will follow the Harman curve. The K371 is the tuning that most accurately simulates a hearing experience in its natural state. To make it attractive to a larger audience, AKG added a little bit more bottom end.

It goes further than that!

With a pleasing folding mechanism and steel structure, the build quality is superb. Long-lasting comfort is ensured by the over-ear design and wide earpads. Although the cable is detachable, it uses a special mini-XLR connection, which is a slight inconvenience if you ever want to get a new one.


  1. The mixing headphones have decent sound quality.
  2. They have comfortable earpads which make these mixing headphones wearable for longer periods. 
  3. They have a foldable design so you can carry them around conveniently. 


  1. They may be a bit bassy for people who like a pure audio

11.  Focal Listen to Professional Studio Headphones

The Focals are perfect for both listening and professional tasks, just as they claim to be. They are now unquestionably at the head of the pack among all-arounders as a result. Overall, they have a close fit but not so close that sitting on the mixing saddle for extended amounts of time is painful.

The closed-back Listen Professionals perform wonderfully in this area, even though many engineers and audio professionals would favor open-backed versions for their lack of fatigue.

These cans have an incredibly neutral, powerful bass with lots of extension, rich, clear mids, and silky high notes. You may not find the best studio headphone for mixing available for this price and to top it off it comes with a gorgeous hard-shell casing.


  1. The mixing headphones have distinctive looks. 
  2. They are quite sturdy and have a very comfortable fit which makes them easy to carry and wear for a longer time. 
  3. It has a solid sound repro at lower volumes.


  1. It has a silicon headband that attracts sweat and may not be ideal for the gym and working out.


12. Sennheiser HD-25

Professionals praise HD-25s for their capacity to tolerate a higher sound pressure level and provide great sound reproduction. They are one of the best studio headphones for mixing. The HD-25s produce powerful and precise sound in lightweight yet durable packaging. They are a booth staple because of their split headband, rotating earpieces, and reputation for durability.

The Sennheiser HD-25 is currently offered in three varieties Light, Standard, and that too at three price points. For general studio/DJ duties, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of Sennheiser HD-25s. After all, they are classified as an on-ear design because they come with circular pads and rest on the outside of the ear rather than covering it completely.


  1. They are one of the best headphones for music production and professional usage. 
  2. Light-weight and easy-to-carry headphones.
  3. Very robust mixing headphones and worth the buy.


  1. They do not have comfortable earpads which is a downside because you may end up getting ear fatigue.

 13. Beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO X

The DT 700 PRO X is an improvement over the DT 770 Pro in terms of pricing and features. It has a revised design, softer earpads, and better sound courtesy of the new STELLAR.45 transducer with a quicker response. This makes it possible to have a precise transient response and a consistent, distortion-free sound even at loud sound pressure levels.

The 770 PRO X is one of the more comfortable mixing headphones that can be used for extended periods and is available with a single 48 impedance rating, making it a reasonable choice for studio and daily usage. Additionally, you have a pair of cables that are already included, and the cables, headband pad, and earpads can all be simply replaced. The DT is the perfect mixing headphones especially if you want something better than the 770 Pro!


  1. The mixing headphones have excellent isolation making them one the best headphones for mixing. 
  2. They are extremely comfortable and can easily be worn around for hours. 
  3. They have superb sound and are also good headphones for music.


  1. It is on the pricier side.


5 reasons why you may need Headphones for mixing?

If you are a musician, the chances are that you have your headphones. But if you are a producer or someone who likes to listen to music at home, it is always good to have a pair of headphones for mixing. The following are some of the reasons why headphones for mixing may be necessary:

1. Best in-ear monitoring: 

Headphones provide better sound quality than speakers and mixers. They also let you hear what’s going on in your mix more clearly, which helps with getting the most out of your work.

2. Comfort and convenience: 

Mixing can be tiring and time-consuming, so having headphones that make mixing more comfortable is important. 

3. Portability

If you’re a studio owner or someone who spends most of their time at home, having headphones that you can take anywhere is important. In terms of comfort and convenience, there are a variety of different types of headphones to choose from Closed-back headphones, open-back headphones, in-ear monitors, and over-ear monitors.

4. No Feedback

Feedback is the sound of a sound system that comes from the speakers. It is caused by vibrations in the air. When a speaker is placed near a microphone, there are chances that feedback will occur. This can be caused by vibrations in the air or vibrations of the speaker itself.

There are different ways in which headphones for mixing can be used to avoid feedback from the sound system. Some of these include using headphones with foam pads, placing them on top of each other, and placing them on an absorbent material like wood or carpeting.

Bottom Line

With a list of the 13 best mixing headphones, you get a choice for multiple categories. You can get the best headphone mixer and good headphones for music. There is something for professionals and even for music production. All in all, you can find one that suits your needs and add it to your cart. 

We have also displayed their pros and cons to make it easier for you. This way you can easily figure out what ticks your box. Now get the best mixing headphones using our expert advice!

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