15 Most Comfortable Earbuds that You Barely Feel

15 Most Comfortable Earbuds that You Barely Feel

Whether you’re travelling through the subway to college, going on a run, or cleaning your home, comfortable earbuds are the perfect way to tone down the background noise and listening to your favorite tracks. But it all comes down to picking a pair of comfortable wireless earbuds so you can listen to your podcasts, attend calls and wear them easily all day long. 

In today’s market, you will find numerous earbuds but finding the fitting earbuds that mold to your ear can be a bit tough. Regardless of what’s playing through these earbuds, having a pair of earbuds is essential for an audiophile. We have compiled a list of 15 best earbuds that can be used during a run, while traveling in a subway, at work, and even at home when you are cleaning and want to zone out. 

Let’s dive in and learn about the earbuds and what makes them comfortable!

1. Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds

The memory foam-like ear pads of the Sony WF-1000XM4 make them so special since they feel like pillows in your ear canal but also mold to your ear over time. The WF-1000XM3’s elongated form was abandoned in favor of a more practical oval shape, which is linked with the buds’ excellent comfort levels. The listening experience is another comfort aspect, and the WF-1000XM4 doesn’t let you down with its immersive, high-resolution sound and outstanding active noise cancellation (ANC).

These earphones are close to Apple AirPods Pro in terms of comfort. You may comfortably wear the XM4s for extended periods throughout the day because they rarely exert pressure on the concha. 


  1. Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  2. It has immersive high-resolution sound perfect for audiophiles 
  3. Outstanding noise cancellation to drown the background noise 


  1. You may require Sony’s preinstalled foam-like ear tips for optimum comfort. 

2. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple’s range of long-stem danglers is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable earbuds for any Apple device owner, whether it’s the AirPods’ soothing open-ear design or the AirPods Pro’s tight fit. Both models are simple to get used to since the sound ports are designed to fit in the auricle and not push up on the ear. The AirPods Pro is even more comfortable than the AirPods’ second and third generations.

The AirPods Pro comes with inserted tips that significantly improve the fit and an Ear Tip Fit Test that precisely identifies the ideal tips to use. The AirPods’ ability to connect to Apple’s unsurpassed ecosystem, which offers seamless usage through adaptive sound, immediate connectivity, and other fascinating features like “Hey Siri” voice activation, is what sets them apart. 


  1. They don’t require you to charge them for 12 hours before using them, which is a big plus, in my opinion.
  2. The wireless connection that the AirPods have is fantastic, and the noise cancellation is impressive as well.
  3. The sound quality of the Apple AirPods Pro is improved and impressive.


  1. iOS users get to experience these excellent and comfortable earbuds. 

3. JLab Epic Sport Air Earbuds

 JLab Epic Sport Air Earbuds

The over-ear loops on JLab’s Epic Sport Air earbuds create a snug and a very comfortable fit even if you’re training for a marathon or simply jogging to catch the train. These earphones were designed for working out. The Epic Sport offers a lot at a terrific price when you join that comfy feeling with additional outstanding features like ANC, more extended playback, and even a shallow latency movie feature. We believe these are the most comfortable earbuds in 2022, especially for sports, even though they don’t have the finest sound quality.

So go overboard and do burpees and even run as much as you want; these comfortable earbuds will stay secure in your ears. 


  1. You can wear them for extended periods without getting any ear fatigue. 
  2. JLab has come up with a new, improved design for the headphones, and it is comfortable to wear. 
  3. Perfect earbuds for sporty people who need comfortable earbuds with a secure fit during excessive cardio. 


  1. These earbuds don’t come with extra features like a heart rate monitor, which some other earbuds offer.

4. Ultimate Ears UE Fits Earbuds

Ultimate Ears UE Fits Earbuds

Purchasing earphones that are tailored to your needs is ideal for many people. Utilizing revolutionary Lightform technology, the UE Fits mold the tips to the shape of your ears for a custom fit. 

The UE earbuds have an excellent fit and can last you for a long day without slipping out. Additionally, they have an impressive tight seal to cancel out all the background noise. You can wear them if you take long walks and want to drown in a good podcast or music without hearing the blaring of horns and traffic. They also come with a companion application that can be used to make changes to the sound, and you can change it according to the music you hear. 


  1. These are earbuds that mold to your ear and provide a snug fit
  2. Comfortable to wear on a long day without causing ear fatigue 
  3. It comes with an application and helps you change the presets and equalizers. 


  1. The sound can be boomy and punchy sometimes, but you can make changes through the app. 

5. BEATs Fit Pro

BEATs Fit Pro

The AirPods Pro is particularly cool with its impressive 3D audio capabilities. So, the Beats Studio Fit is perfect for those who do not have an iOS device but still want to invest in something as good as the Apple AirPods Pro. With a compact shape that can only be compared to Studio Buds with wing tips, this sportier option packs almost all of the AirPods Pro’s unique features and extended battery life. You receive excellent-sounding earbuds that operate well with any Apple or Android smartphone and stay in place on your ears throughout lateral-heavy workouts.

With the cavity and wing tips being smoother to the skin and decreasing pain around the concha, comfort is increased compared to the Powerbeats Pro. The Fit Pro’s ergonomic design is far more comfortable on the ears, even if the well-known Powerbeats Pro offers its ear hook design, making the fit more secure. The compact oval form doesn’t exert unneeded pressure and molds well to the concha.


  1. The perfect substitute for the Apple AirPods Pro so non-iOS users do not miss out.
  2. They have an excellent shape and ergonomic design that make them easier to wear for extended periods.
  3. Excellent sound quality 
  4. Secure fit and stay put even during lateral-heavy workouts 


  1. The Beats fit pro does not have enough bass, which means it is not suitable for all genres of music. 

6. Apple AirPods 3 

Apple AirPods 3

The AirPods 3 are a less expensive version of the Pros that nevertheless provide superb fit and outstanding audio quality. These mid-range wireless earbuds contain the same audio qualities as the AirPods Pro, despite the absence of ANC. The adaptive EQ enhances sound quality by modifying what you hear according to your surroundings. Additionally, amazing, Spatial Audio successfully adds 3D sound to your favorite tracks. 

When it comes to comfort, these earbuds take the lead, providing users with a good pair of comfortable earbuds. The sound port is more inclined to smooth insertion into the canal. Additionally, it doesn’t cause discomfort and fits nicely on your ears. 


  1. They are the ideal alternative to the AirPods Pro if you do not wish to spend a lot.
  2. It has an adaptive EQ that enhances and makes the audio experience more immersive. 
  3. No ear fatigue and smooth insertion.


  1. The battery life is not very good, so you might have to compromise. 

7. Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Regarding usability and sound quality, Jabra’s most recognized true wireless release makes the ideal exercise partner. Silicone EarGels seal the canal and absorb any remaining moisture to reduce slippage during activities. You won’t even realize you’re wearing them because Jabra made them 22 percent smaller than their previous earbuds and very light (0.2 ounces). The Jabra’s earbuds have a warm sound profile which helps get your engine going. In addition, the compact charging case won’t be a burden, especially if you’re someone who loves to travel. 

These are incredibly comfortable fit and sweat-resistant earbuds on the market. The tight seal created by Jabra’s EarGels maximizes perspiration absorption and decreases slippage. You can wear these earbuds for several hours straight without experiencing any discomfort. The only issue we have is that the button design makes it uncomfortable because it forces you to insert the buds further into your ear. 


  1. The Elite Active 75t has a secure fit making it easier to use 
  2. These are the most comfortable earbuds for small ears. 
  3. The earbuds are very lightweight and very travel-friendly. 


  1. It has a button design, making it a little uncomfortable when wearing further in the ear. 

8. Urbanista Stockholm Plus

Urbanista Stockholm Plus

Check out the Urbanista Stockholm Plus if comfort is a top requirement and you want something that looks like AirPods. It costs half as much as Apple’s wireless earbuds and has more color options, including Black, Rose Gold, Titanium, and White. They perfectly mimic the traditional open-ear shape. Discomfort won’t be a problem if you use it for an extended period. Since the buds are not inserted into the canal, there won’t be any pressure building either. The detailed mids and highs produced by the spacious soundstage are the only thing more pleasing.

The Stockholm Plus has equivalent comfort as the AirPods 3. Running with the earbuds will make them more likely to fall out, but the sound port is solid and rests directly on the concha. They are comfortable to wear and won’t feel heavy in your ears when walking. 


  1. Cheaper alternative to the AirPods 3
  2. They are impressive open-ear earbuds 
  3. Comfortable to wear for more extended periods 


  1. The Urbanista Stockholm isn’t ideal for wearing during running because they may slip out. 

9. 1MORE Triple Driver Earbuds

1MORE Triple Driver Earbuds

These fantastic-sounding earbuds from 1MORE are powered by three drivers and have a nice ergonomic fit to go quickly into your ears. It provides users with the ultimate comfort with nine different personalized tips available. With the push of a button, you can easily move between your music with the in-line remote. Another factor that makes it stand out is 1More’s soundscape, which makes watching music and movies a dynamic and energetic presence.

It is not surprising that the Triple Driver Earphones provide the same level of comfort as wired earbuds. Contrary to what one might expect, the angled sound port prevents the metal structure from pressing firmly on the concha. You can wear the earbuds for extended lengths of 4-6 hours. It comes with an amazing eight sets of tips in the box, three of which are foam memory tips. The foam tips are the best choice for superior comfort and fit since they conform to the contours of your ear canals, create a tight seal, and feel like cushions against your skin.


  1. Ergonomic fit and can be worn for an extended period.
  2. It comes with nine different personalized tips for all your types. 
  3. It has an impressive soundscape.


  1. The cons of these earbuds include a lack of noise cancellation 

10. Jabra Elite 85t Earbuds

Jabra Elite 85t Earbuds

Jabra’s most recent lineup of earbuds would first place on a list of the finest noise-canceling headphones. However, if comfort is your top concern, they certainly fall short. These earbuds are outstanding nonetheless. 

Jabra has been the most dedicated to creating a universal fit-out of all the manufacturers of wireless earbuds. They managed to squeeze such sophisticated electronics into the small flagship Elite 85t by scanning “62,000” ears and processing the findings through an “advanced algorithmic simulator.” 

While the exclusive silicone EarGels keep the buds in one place, the semi-open design with pressure release valves helps limit pressure build-up inside the ear. The Elite 85t is worth your attention when you consider these capabilities with its extended battery life, excellent noise cancellation, and crisp mics for handling calls.


  1. They are the best-in-class headphones that offer a high-end listening experience with advanced sound quality and noise cancellation.
  2. The pressure build-up inside your ear is less because of the semi-open design. 
  3. It is a tried and tested device that makes the quality top-notch.
  4. The mics are very crisp, and you can take calls wearing these. 


  1. They are on the pricier side.

11. Bose QuietComfort 20 

Bose QuietComfort 20 

The QuietComfort 20 delivers precisely what it promises, including comfort and quietness. The design makes them tight and comfortable in your ears, while the noise-canceling technology blocks background sounds. The company provides three alternative ear tips to ensure you are buying comfortable earbuds. This allows you to choose the one that best fits your ear’s size and shape. It has StayHear+ tips offering users ultimate comfort during long hours. 

Even though the QuietComfort20 is expensive, it is worth the price, especially when it comes to providing noise cancellation and audio crispness. 


  1. If you choose the correct size, StayHear+ tips will fit comfortably and remain in your ears.
  2. To meet your needs, ActiveMQ can alter the sound.
  3. You may instantly disable the noise cancellation in “Aware mode” to readily monitor your surroundings.


  1. They can be expensive for people looking for in-the-budget options. 

12. Philips PRO6105 

Philips PRO6105 

Wired earbuds save the hassle when you want a pair for longer listening sessions. They help you avoid charging breaks when your wireless earbuds die down. Even though the product has a good value for money, in terms of fidelity, the audio isn’t the best. They are not the best but are one of the most comfortable earbuds and are perfect for someone who needs earbuds for casual daily usage.

 You can use the microphone to receive calls and listen to high bass songs. It has an 8.6mm driver, which is relatively powerful for compact earbuds. They have soft tips which come in three sizes. You can use the one that fits snugly in your ear. 


  1. Comfortable wired earbuds for long listening sessions.
  2. Soft tips come in three different sizes for a secure fit.
  3. They do not cause ear fatigue.


  1. The audio does not have the highest fidelity 
  2. It does not have a wireless audio option

13. Beats Powerbeats Pro 

Beats Powerbeats Pro 

The most comfortable wireless earbuds

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable earbuds with a true wireless design, you should get your hands on the Powerbeats Pro. The Beats Powerbeats Pro offers you portability and 24 hours of listening if you charge using the case. It has secure ear hooks, which ensure comfort and secure fit. You no longer have to worry about losing your earbud while running or during strenuous activities. 

The earbuds allow you to control by tapping on the sides, and this way, you do not require inline controls. It makes receiving calls and changing tracks very convenient. It has the Apple H1 chip for a stable Bluetooth connection and can work on iOS and Android devices. They may be a bit expensive, but with the comfort it brings and how lightweight they are. You will get value for money!


  1. Lightweight earbuds that mold to your ear.
  2. These are the best earbuds for small ears and aren’t too tight. 
  3. Tap and control so you will not require any inline controls. 


  1. Some android devices may struggle with pairing
  2. A little on the pricier side 

14. Sony WI-XB400

Sony WI-XB400

The WI-XB400 Extra Bass earbuds feature an excellent bass boost and are pleasant and convenient to wear all day. Many individuals enjoy listening to bass-heavy music on headphones. However, compact earbuds sometimes have trouble with bass frequencies. Kick drums and bass sounds are amplified quite well by the WI-XB400. These comfortable earbuds have a quick-charge capability and a battery life of 15 hours. The playback time is 60 minutes after 10 minutes of charging. 

Lightweight and flexible, so the cable doesn’t obstruct movement. They have ergonomic, soft tips which cause no ear fatigue, especially when worn for longer hours. You don’t need a special charger for these earbuds because they work with USB-C. Now receive and place calls with these earbuds in without worrying about your voice getting distorted and muffled. The 12 mm driver provides power and increased bass response. 


  1. A lightweight design is comfortable for extended periods of use, allowing you to get the most out of them.
  2. Quick charging capacity to last you longer. 
  3. Perfect for people who need high bass sounds. 


  1. The audio fidelity grade is not very high. 

15. Westone W20

Westone W20

For more than 60 years, the company Westone has produced custom-fit ear tips, and other earpieces focused on comfort. Despite not being a household name in the world of headphones, they have some comfy models in the W series. One of the best is the W20. 

IEMs, or in-ear monitors, are what the manufacturers call them. They can be used as earbuds or as stage monitors. They are the world’s smallest dual-driver design. This indicates a lightweight design with a lot of power. 0.48 ounces make up the Westone W20 earphones’ weight making them very easy to carry. You can select the most comfortable ear tip from five silicone and five foam options. The earbuds provide a 2-year warranty and come with a cleaning kit. The design is ergonomic, making them wearable for longer hours. 


  1. Comfortable earbuds for small ears 
  2. Dual usage, they can be used for stage monitors and as earbuds.
  3. Lightweight earbuds, which is why they are easier to carry. 
  4. For both Android and iOS users 


  1. They are on the pricier side. 
  2. Lacks quick response in high frequencies 

5 Factors that Determine How Comfortable Earbuds Are

Earbuds are small; portable devices are often used to listen to music. They have been around for a long time but have recently gained popularity due to technological advancement.

Not too Tight or Loose 

The most important thing to remember when purchasing wireless earbuds is that they should not be too tight or loose. This ensures that the earbuds stay in place and don’t fall out of your ears.

Secure Fit 

A secure fit is necessary for wireless earbuds to stay in place. Wireless earbuds are not as secure as their wired counterparts because they can be easily removed. However, some companies have made these wireless earbuds more secure by adding a clip or loop that keeps the buds from falling off.

This is an essential factor for people who use their wireless earbuds for workouts, running or any other physical activity that requires a lot of movement and sweat.

Lightweight and Convenient 

Wireless earbuds are becoming a standard product in the market today. Consumers have been demanding wireless earbuds that are lightweight and comfortable.

The light weight of wireless earbuds is important for many reasons, such as being able to wear them for long periods without discomfort or not having to worry about accidentally breaking them.

Wearing wireless earbuds can also be more convenient than traditional headphones because you can easily control your music and phone with your voice instead of having to take out your phone from your pocket or purse whenever you want to change the song or answer a call.

Good Sound 

One factor is the sound quality, which can be improved by using good-quality earbuds and amplifiers. The good sound makes a wireless earbud more comfortable because it creates less noise in your ears and more room for air to pass through them, so you don’t have to work as hard to equalize pressure levels in your ears. 


With our guide, you now know about different brands manufacturing the best comfortable earbuds for users in the market. You can read the buying guide and go through all the pros and cons and whatever checks your list, go for it. We believe each serves a different process, but there is something for multiple users. Find out what you want, and then check your list to purchase the Best Earbuds for a smooth listening experience!

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