How to Clear Queue on Spotify

How to Clear Queue on Spotify

In this article, we will guide you through the process of clearing the queue on Spotify. Spotify is a popular music streaming platform that allows users to create playlists and queue up their favorite songs. However, sometimes you may want to start fresh and remove all the songs from your queue. Whether you’re using the desktop app or the mobile app, we’ve got you covered with simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Understanding Spotify Queue

Before we dive into the process of clearing the queue, let’s briefly understand what the Spotify queue is. The queue is a list of songs lined up to play in the order they are added. When you add a song to the queue, it will play after the current track ends, and the new song becomes the next in line. Clearing the queue allows you to remove all the songs from this list and start fresh.

Clearing the Queue on Spotify Desktop

To clear the queue on the Spotify desktop app, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Spotify app on your computer and ensure you are logged in to your account.
  • Play any song in your library or playlist to activate the queue.
  • Click on the queue icon located at the bottom-right corner of the app. It looks like three horizontal lines with numbers indicating the number of songs in the queue.
  • Once the queue pops up, click on the “CLEAR” button located at the top-right corner of the queue window.
  • A confirmation message will appear asking if you want to clear the queue. Click “CLEAR QUEUE” to confirm.

Congratulations! You have successfully cleared the queue on Spotify desktop.

Clearing the Queue on Spotify Mobile

Clearing the Queue on Spotify Mobile

If you prefer using Spotify on your mobile device, clearing the queue is just as easy. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile device and log in if prompted.
  • Start playing any song from your library or playlist.
  • Tap on the “Now Playing” bar at the bottom of the screen to expand the player.
  • In the expanded player view, you will see the list of songs in the queue.
  • Tap on the “CLEAR” button at the bottom-right corner of the queue list.
  • Confirm your action by tapping “CLEAR QUEUE” on the confirmation pop-up.

Well done! The queue on Spotify mobile is now clear, and you can start adding new songs.

Managing Your Queue Effectively

Aside from clearing the entire queue, Spotify offers some additional queue management features to enhance your music listening experience.

Organizing Your Queue

To change the order of songs in your queue, simply drag and drop them to your preferred position. This way, you can prioritize the songs you want to listen to next.

Removing Specific Songs

If you want to remove specific songs from the queue without clearing the entire list, follow these steps:

  • Open the queue by tapping the queue icon on the mobile app or clicking the queue icon on the desktop app.
  • Find the song you want to remove and swipe left on it (mobile) or click the three-dot menu and choose “Remove from Queue” (desktop).

Saving Queue as a Playlist

Saving Queue as a Playlist

Discovering a great sequence of songs in your queue that you want to revisit? You can save your current queue as a playlist. Follow these steps:

  • Clear the queue first (if desired) to ensure you have only the songs you want in your playlist.
  • Tap the three-dot menu (mobile) or right-click on any song (desktop) and choose “Add to Playlist.”
  • Create a new playlist or add the songs to an existing one.

Tips for a Better Spotify Experience

Here are some additional tips to make the most of your Spotify experience:

  • Create custom playlists based on your mood or favorite artists to easily access your preferred music.
  • Utilize the “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” playlists to explore new music recommendations tailored to your taste.
  • Collaborate with friends on playlists to discover new tracks and enjoy a shared music experience.


Can I recover a cleared queue on Spotify? 

Unfortunately, once the queue is cleared, it cannot be recovered. Make sure you are certain before confirming the action.

Will clearing the queue delete my playlists? 

No, clearing the queue only removes the songs in the queue. Your playlists will remain intact.

Can I clear the queue while using Spotify Connect on another device? 

Yes, you can clear the queue from any device connected to your Spotify account, even if you’re using Spotify Connect.

How many songs can I add to the queue? 

Spotify allows you to add up to 10,000 songs to the queue, giving you plenty of options for your music session.

Does clearing the queue affect the song that’s currently playing? 

No, clearing the queue will not interrupt the currently playing song. It will only remove songs waiting in the queue.


Clearing the queue on Spotify is a straightforward process that allows you to start fresh with your music selection. Whether you use the desktop app or the mobile app, removing songs from the queue can be easily done. Additionally, managing your queue efficiently will help you create the perfect music journey for any occasion.

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