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5 Best Microphones for Gaming that Won’t Annoy Your Friends

Choosing the best gaming microphone can be challenging, especially if you have so many choices in the market. You will find microphones for Streaming, podcasts, and multiple uses. But remember that you need to narrow down your usage, so it becomes easier to know what you are looking for.

If you are searching for the best mics, we have listed five top-notch microphones below. Find the one that fits your list of requirements and make the right choice. We believe in investing in products that offer you premium sound quality and features to stay in line when producing sound.

Let’s dive in and find out what’s the best gaming mic!

Best Microphones for Gaming

1. Blue Yeti X

Blue Yeti X

Blue mics are consistently at the top of the list for a reason. The Blue Yeti X is a cross between the Nano and the original Yeti, combining the best features of each. Even when new microphones join the market, the Yeti X remains a solid choice for anybody searching for a premium-sounding microphone.

The durable microphone now includes an LED-lit front panel that shows your volume settings at a glance, and the sound quality is still outstanding. It also offers the ‘Smart Knob’ feature that allows you to change the headphone levels (using the built-in 3.5mm connector) and blend modes while on the move. That means you can control how loud when using your headphones, how loud you sound to others, and the volume of your headphones, all from the unit’s front panel.

The Yeti X has a single button on the back, which allows you to switch through the four multiple pick-up patterns. You get the cardioid for Streaming and recording, the Omni-directional can be used for calls with multiple people simultaneously, the stereo is excellent for ASMR, and the bi-directional is ideally used for the two-person podcasts. 

Regarding the microphone quality of the Yeti X, you should know it is used by various professional gamers, podcasters, and even streamers. The voice is crisp and offers an impressively wide range that does not make your voice muffled in recordings. 

It comes with a stand that does an excellent job of staying put on your gaming or work desks. Now at some point, the vibrations may go through and cause an annoying amount of feedback, but it’s nothing that a boom arm with some suspension can’t solve. 

Furthermore, you can play various games, including warcraft races, and have the best time keeping in touch with your team. You can also record because, with the crisp sound quality, your viewers won’t miss out on anything you go through in the game. 


  • It is the best-sounding blue microphone 
  • The microphone for gaming LED front panel
  • The Blue voice software it has offers users excellent flexibility in usage.


  • The mic stand is very low
  • It works better with a mic arm
  • The ports are slightly delicate

Best PC Microphone for Gaming 

2. Rode NT- USB-Mini

Now when it comes to tiny mics, the Rode NT is an excellent PC microphone for gaming. It has everything you want in a premium quality mic but a smaller version. It is an affordable choice with top-notch sound quality, very solid-sounding even though it may pick up background noises.

It has an ingenious and subtle design and is 90mm wide and 141mm tall. The experts at Rode have stripped a lot of different features you usually find in a regular microphone for gaming and have taken an adaptable and ergonomic approach in terms of design. The Mini Rode has a by-default pop filter that deals with all your plosives and a magnetic stand which can be very handy, especially when you are someone who is on the go.


  • It offers users a great sound
  • The design is compact 
  • Decent software and user-friendly 
  • Excellent choice for people who are traveling and on the go.


  • It picks up background noise
  • The software only works with NT Minis

Cheap Microphones for Gaming

3. HyperX Solocast

The Solocast is the best choice you can get if looking for a microphone on a budget. This microphone delivers an excellent audio performance similar to the pricey HyperX microphones and tops the list, mainly because it is a cheap microphone for gaming that over-delivers.

Now for less than $60, you are getting an easy-to-use and portable microphone. When it comes to the sound quality proves that if a microphone is cheaper in terms of price, that does not mean the sound quality will be average too.

The HyperX SoloCast has the ‘sound over anything’ approach and is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a cheaper alternative that delivers the premium sound quality. Now, compared to the QuadCast S, sound quality is oddly similar, especially when using the cardioid mode. Both offer the same mics with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz and have a 16-bit sample rate. So if you are looking for good sound quality, you do not have to worry about the SoloCast.

Regarding features, these headphones are very simple, so you might not be getting the fancy RGB lighting, shock amount, or even gain control. But if you are looking for the premium quality of sound and do not want to get in the gain settings of mid-stream, the Solocast is the perfect microphone for you.


  • It offers you an excellent product but within the budget
  • The design is portable 
  • The sound is quite similar to the QuadCast Mic


  • It does not have gain control over the mic, which makes this a bit fiddler for minor tweaks.

Best Microphones for USB/XLR

4. Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone

Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone

If you are a musician or want a microphone that makes your voice sound evident, then the Shure MV7 is an excellent microphone for you. But remember that this isn’t for people looking for a microphone on a budget. You can find multiple affordable microphones, but to get to an excellent quality microphone, you will have to pay for it.

You don’t need to worry about people who aren’t sound and don’t know much about it because this has killer audio gear. There are chances most of your favorite musicians have been using it for studio recording and even on stage. Shure has had an impressive microphone for years, and its MV7 brings a high-end sound to the table.

It has a USB type-B Micro/XLR connection which will draw in many people. It allows users the best of both worlds; you get the adaptability of an XLR and even the playability of Type-B micro inputs, which assist in recording on the go using laptops and even your smartphones.


  • Premium clarity in voice
  • It has both USB/XLR 
  • It offers versatility to users.
  • The Shure software is relatively easy to use, so if you have trouble with sound and don’t know much, this won’t cause trouble


  • It does not include a microphone stand. 
  • It uses the Micro-USB, not the Type-C.

Best mics for Streaming

5. HyperX Quadcast S

HyperX Quadcast S

The HyperX QuadCast S has a very flat pick-up signature sound, which has a few dB drops towards the sub-bass frequencies. This feature makes it an extremely versatile microphone for streaming simple videos, recording vocals, and even instruments. The high-end gaming microphone can easily switch between numerous patterns that include stereo, cardioid, bi-directional and omnidirectional modes. The HyperX microphone is made of premium quality materials and also comes with a microphone stand that can be mounted on the boom arm and make recording and usage very easy. But for, users who wish to unmount it from the shock amount can’t do it.

It allows you to use a software called Ngenuity, which helps you access the microphone and allows you to control your microphone. You can also play around with the RGB lighting effects and adjust accordingly. The application only works on a computer, so while streaming on Twitch you can mute yourself, make changes to the recording patterns and perform the zero-latency monitoring efficiently without worrying about anyone hearing anything you don’t want them to. 


  • It has impressive RGB lighting effects
  • It has an excellent voice quality which is ideal for Streaming.
  • The microphone has multiple pick-up patterns 
  • Users can access most of the features of the mic without having the application.


  • The application only works for your PC 

How to Get the Best Gaming Mic?

Choosing the right gaming mic can be difficult, especially when looking for a good microphone that will work well with your gaming setup. Here are some tips on finding the best gaming mic for your needs.

1. Know What You Need:

 It is essential to know what type of microphone you need before you start shopping around. Do you need an XLR or USB microphone? Do you want something easy to travel with or something stationary? Is there a specific budget in mind? Knowing what important features and qualities will help narrow your search and make it easier to find the perfect mic.

2. Know Your Budget:

 When buying a microphone, it is essential to know your budget because there are many different types of microphones. There are also different prices for microphones, so it is best to know what kind of microphone you want and then find the one that fits your budget. If you don’t know what type of microphone you want or how much money you should spend on a microphone, then it’s best to talk with someone who knows more about them.

3. Know Your Requirements: 

Before buying a microphone, know what features are necessary for your project. For example, if you’re recording in a noisy room with many people and need the mic to capture sound from very far away, you’ll want to purchase something with a good microphone range. 

  • If your project consists of only one person speaking into the microphone, then a simple unidirectional mic will be fine for you. 
  • Noise suppression technology: This technology allows a microphone to reduce the amount of background noise it picks up. If you plan on recording outside and want to minimize the wind or other sounds in the air, then you’ll want a microphone with this feature so that your voice is clear.
  • A shock mount ( or a pop filter) will reduce the sound of the microphone being hit by something that is in front of or around you. The shock mount comes in different shapes and sizes, so make sure you get one that can adequately hold your microphone.


  1. What mics do most gamers use?

The best microphones for gaming that you can include are the HyperX Quadcast, the Blue Yeti USB, Elgato wave, and the Audio Technica AT2020USB+.

  1. What’s a good mic that doesn’t pick background noise?

The Razer Seiren Elite microphone is known to be one of the few dynamic USB mics available. These stand out because they are less likely to pick up any background noises during filming. This way, your audience gets a premium listening experience. 

  1. What is the microphone that most YouTubers use?

The popular microphone for YouTubers is the cardioid microphone which is excellent for recording the human voice, especially in vlogging and youtube videos. This is a unidirectional mic. 

Bottom Line

These gaming mics are top-tier and are the perfect choice for people looking for microphones for gaming, cheap microphones, pc microphones for gaming and other usages, and even the best mics for Streaming. They offer multiple advantages, premium sound quality, and are less likely to pick up background noises. 

Some of them are perfect for users on the go and even excellent for people who need a stable and long-lasting gaming microphone. You can use it for different reasons, and they will not disappoint. So grab the one that falls into your category for premium sound quality. 

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