10 Best Fake AirPods of 2022

10 Best Fake AirPods of 2022

Apple has been in the market for years, delivering people the best products. They have revolutionized quite a lot and have provided top-of-the-line products for their users. Airpods are another favorite product they have been producing for the past few years, making the listening experience even better.

They are packed with Active Noise Cancellation, offering users a truly wireless experience and a list of other features making the Airpods at the top of the line. In addition to all the fantastic features they offer, it also comes with a price tag that isn’t affordable for all.

Fortunately, we have the 10 Best Fake Airpods 2022 that can be a fun way to experience the Airpods. Find out all about them in our comprehensive buying guide and a brief helping you decide what makes these products one of the best in the market.

The 10 Best Fake Airpods in the Market

1. EarFun Air

EarFun Air

These are the best knock-off AirPods with a long listening time for music enthusiasts! The EarFun Air has an all-black design, making it sleek and stylish. The pods have robust features and a budget-friendly rate to fix your AirPods. They come in a comfortable and snuggly fit. Furthermore, the tips create a tight seal with no chances of audio leakage. They are built pretty well, providing high-pitched vocals and producing a deep rich bass to balance the sound while listening. The case also has a wireless charging feature compared with other models, which is pretty heavy.


  • Impressive and long battery life
  • Vibrant soundstage 
  • Impressive noise isolation


  • The charging case is quite bulky

2. Anker SoundCore Life P3

Anker SoundCore Life P3

Anker is widely known for excellent products at modest prices, and they have come through with the Anker Soundcore Life P3. The knock-off AirPods offer a sound quality that rivals various 100-dollar earbuds. Now it may not come with a digital assistant feature, but it makes up for it with the Find Your Buds feature. You can find your buds if you miss them or can’t find them. The playback time is 7 hours on the buds, and with the charging case, it goes up to 35 hours. 

In addition to all the other features, it also comes with wireless charging, which is exceptional at this price range. The IPX7 rating is perfect, especially if you like running and working out. Get touch controls and never feel like you are missing out.


  • They have an impressive Active Noise Cancellation feature
  • IPX7 rated and offers water resistance 
  • It comes with the Find Your Buds feature


  • The touch controls aren’t very responsive

3. RHA True Connect

RHA True Connect

RHA is another go-to brand that makes one of the best wireless earbuds on the market. They are makers of one of the most solid products, especially their True Connect. They have a dynamic soundstage that has emphasized lows and a decent playtime of over 5 hours. The charging case stands out as it comes with an old-school Mophie portable charger giving it a handsome look. The premium knock-off AirPods are covered entirely with a rubberized material and IPX5 and are sweat and splash-resistant. The Bluetooth 5.0 and offers a wireless range of up to 33 feet. 

These do not come with an application, and the multifunctional can be a little uncomfortable, but despite all these cons, the sound performance saves the day and make this True Connects worth $60.


  • IPX5 rated and sweatproof
  • Decent battery life
  • Premium quality and impressive design 
  • It offers excellent sound quality for most the genres


  • Buttons are uncomfortable

4. SkullCandy Dime

SkullCandy Dime

SkullCandy Dime has created an alternative for all the budget buyers who get scared of the fragility of AirPods. The high audio quality and impressive charging case design make a unique and sturdy space for your earbuds. The best thing about purchasing these knock-off AirPods is how you can purchase a broken or lost component, which saves you bucks on buying a new pair of earbuds.

They have unique color options to choose from, such as Light grey, True black, Dark blue/green, and Golden age red. But the battery life of these earbuds is a downside and allows only 3.5 hours of playtime and 12 hours from the case.


  • Impressive audio quality
  • Water-resistant 
  • Snuggly fit


  • Short battery life
  • Tricky controls

5. Oppo Enco Free 2

Oppo Enco Free 2

UK Customers, you are in for a treat! The Oppo Enco Free 2 are the Apple AirPods that look alike and can easily be purchased from Amazon UK. These are packed with the right features, including an impressive noise cancellation mode that keeps out all the background noise. The touch controls are pretty reliable, and the sweat and water resistance make them the perfect workout partner. The fit, however, may not be ideal for all users, so you will have to compromise here if you wish to get your hands on this Apple AirPods look alike.


  • Active Noise Cancellation mode
  • Reliable controls 
  • A range of colors to choose from
  • Great midrange resolution


  • It may not be the right fit for everyone

6. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

The Anker Liberty Air earbuds are the first knock-off AirPods that came on the market in 2019. They have an impressive sound quality, and the performances transcend many other models in this price range. They produce bass-forward audio and clear sound, so all music genres can be enjoyed using these. The bonus factor is that they come with ear tips that are a huge bonus, ensuring you get a tight fit. They come with a 5-hour usage time and can be juiced up for further usage. 

If Anker had worked on the reliability of the touch controls, then there would have been serious competition for the Apple AirPods. But these earbuds are a worthy member of the Fake AirPods club!


  • Standardized battery life
  • Lightweight earbuds with a snuggly fit
  • Cleared sound than the AirPods


  • Poor touch controls

7. EarFun Air Pro 2

EarFun Air Pro 2

Another game changer is the EarFun Air Pro 2, an affordable, high-quality option. These earbuds are pretty similar to the AirPods Pro and have the features to match them. The Active Noise Cancellation keeps all the sounds away and offers the Ambient Mode for users to keep checking the surroundings. 

They have an impressive battery life of 7 hours, and 34 hours with the case is exceptional. It also comes with touch controls that help you attend calls and play music. It also comes with IPX5 rated and water resistant.


  • IPX5 rated water resistant 
  • Budget-friendly and high-quality option
  • Ambient and ANC mode


  • They do not come with assistant support

8. EarFun Air Pro SV

EarFun Air Pro SV

EarFun Air Pro SV is another stylish alternative to the Apple AirPods. It may not come with all the features with the earbuds are surprisingly comfortable to wear for longer periods. You can rely on these to operate smoothly; they are even more stylish than the Apple AirPods Pro. At $89, they are a decent pair with an active noise cancellation mode that keeps all the noise away. With the ANC on and operating, the earbuds provide 4.5 hours of playback time and 6 hours without it. So if you want to get the most out of it, we recommend you keep the ANC off. The audio performance makes it a worthy substitute!


  • Impressive call quality and rich sound 
  • It has an effective latency mode
  • Strong connectivity


  • Finicky controls



This pair is also an honorable pick in the Fake AirPods list, especially for those on a tight budget. Despite its low price tag, it’s still packed with almost all the features of an AirPod. You might not get the active noise cancellation feature, but the sound quality and performance are up to par. They are accessible and easy to use; you can easily pair them with any of your devices seamlessly. It also has a Power Display feature that helps to check battery life individually on both earbuds.


  • Decent battery life
  • Good sound quality 
  • It comes with a Power Display feature


  • It does not have the ANC feature

10. Denon AH-C830NCW

Denon AH-C830NCW

An AirPods Pro knockoff with a larger cavity and significantly longer stems are the Denon AH-C830NCW. They are IPX4 certified to protect against sweat and water splashes. The build quality is strong, and features like the polished matte surface and silver accents make it stand out. 

The AH-two C830NCW’s major advantages are the precision of the touch controls and the manner they deliver music. They are a functional pair of wireless earbuds with ANC and call quality, but they could improve comfort and battery life. 


  • Accurate and crisp sound 
  • Impressive call quality 
  • Reliable touch controls


  • Uncomfortable if worn for longer periods.

Buying Guide to Get Your Hands on Knock Off Airpods

This buying guide will be the perfect helping hand in deciding what makes the products we have introduced a decent purchase and why you need to get your hands on them.

5 Features in Knock Off AirPods

5 Features in Knock Off AirPods

Knock-off AirPods are a cheaper alternative to the original Apple AirPods. They are not as good as the original AirPods, but they have some features worth considering.

  1.  Knock-Off AirPods are wireless with Bluetooth and have a charging case.
  2.  The sound quality is comparable to the original AirPods and has 3D touch sensors.
  3.  They have a noise-canceling microphone for clear phone calls.
  4.  Knock-Off AirPods also come with Siri integration, so you can use your voice to control your music or answer your phone calls.
  5.  Knock Off AirPod’s battery life is average and sometimes can even be more than the 5 hours of battery life on the original Apple Airpods. However, it’s still pretty good for wireless earbuds in general.

3 Factors That Make The Fake Airpods Stand Out

The fake Airpods are a good alternative to the real AirPods. There are three factors that we believe make them a good investment:

Cheaper Alternative 

The fake Airpods are also much cheaper than the real ones, and this is because they do not have any of the expensive and sophisticated technology that the original Airpods have.

Decent Sound Quality

These earphones have a good sound quality which makes them worth considering if you’re not looking for anything fancy but still want something that sounds good when you listen to music on your phone or computer.

Available in Different Colors

If you are tired of the white ones, you can experiment and get them in different colors such as Black, Blue, White, and even Gold, depending upon the brand. 

Real Airpods Vs. Fake AirPods

Real Airpods Vs. Fake AirPods

The AirPods are the most sought-after Apple product, and they are the newest and most innovative earphones in the market and have been selling like hotcakes. But with the booming demand, many people want to make a quick buck by reselling fake AirPods as real ones. 

  1. The first difference is the shape of the AirPod case. Real AirPods have a rounded shape, while fake ones are square.
  2. The second difference is the weight of the AirPod case. Real AirPods are heavier than fake ones because they have a bigger battery.
  3. The third difference is that real AirPods come with a charging cable, while fake ones don’t come with one, and you need to purchase it separately


1. What are the best Airpods to get in 2022?

The best Airpods in 2022 are the AirPods Pro which is known as the best overall product, then comes the AirPods 2nd Generation and AirPods Max. You can get your hands on these products in 2022 to have an impressive audio experience. 

What are the best AirPods clones?

The JBL Live Pro+ TWS are the best clones for AirPods. These are specially designed to serve the sports market. They are lightweight and offer an in-ear experience with a few tip sizes for different ears. Now wear them for more extended hours quickly as they are comfortable and a stable fit. 

3. Are AirPods excellent in 2022?

The newest edition to the AirPods is the impressively good Pro. They have improved audio quality and the latest features, such as the Personalized Spatial Audio, which is also quite good. Apple has also added the extra ear tip, which can be helpful for many users, and the long-lasting battery is the cherry on top. 


Do you wish to live the Apple experience, or do you want to experiment and get your hands on knock-off AirPods that do the job well? We recommend you purchase any of the products that we have stated here in this article. They are all the Best Fake AirPods and will surely provide you with an excellent listening experience, and experimenting with features similar to AirPods will take away the FOMO you are feeling!

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