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How To Fix Beats PowerBeats Pro Not Working in 5 Simple Steps

Powerbeats Pro truly is one of the popular wireless earbuds in the market. But like any other wireless earbuds, you may eventually run into the on and off issues with the pairing of Powebeats Pro, charging, and sometimes even a bud not working while the other is. 

Do not get worried! Sometimes the issue can easily be fixed, and we have made the process relatively easy with the guide here. Let’s dive in and find out how to fix the minor issues you have been facing with your Powerbeats Pro!

5 Simple Steps to Fix PowerBeats Pro Not Working 

1. Use the Supported Application by Beats 

Supported Application by Beats

Charge your Powerbeats Pro, and then shift your attention span to your device’s battery percentage. This way, you can conveniently check if there is an issue with the battery of your Powerbeats Pro. Now depending upon the device that you are using, we have a few ways to help you guide through the process:

For IOS Users:

  • Start by turning your Powerbeats Pro on and then pairing them with your iPhones and iPads. 
  • Now make sure you have stored your earbuds safely in their Powerbeats Pro case and keep it open. 
  • Now place your unlocked iOS device within the range of the Powerbeats Pro 
  • Now check the card that displays the battery level of your Powerbeats Pro. 
  • You should now see your Powerbeats Pro’s battery life when connecting to your device.

For Android Users:

  • For Android users, turn on your Powerbeats Pro and ensure it is paired with your devices. 
  • Now securely place your earbuds inside the Powerbeat Pro case and make sure the issue remains open. 
  • Download the Beats Application on your android device 
  • You can finally launch the Application and see the details of your Powerbeats Pro, which will be displayed for you. 
  • Now check your device’s battery life, which will appear on the right where the name of your Powerbeats Pro is shown.

2. Clean the Case and Earbuds

Clean the Case and Earbuds powerbeat

Charging may be an issue if your Powerbeats Pro is not working correctly. However, you should also ensure the earbuds have no dirt and are adequately cleaned. Sometimes having a custom cover also stops the Powerbeats Pro from working, so you may want to check that. Go through the following tips, and they will surely help you clean the case and earbuds:

  • Using a microfiber cloth clean the earbuds properly from all sides. 
  • You can also use a slightly damp cloth and clean the inside the case from the inside
  • Make sure to leave everything dry before placing the earbuds back in the case 
  • Now put the earbuds properly in the case, so both the buds get charged easily.

3. Avoid Any Bluetooth Connection Conflicts 

Avoid Any Bluetooth Connection Conflicts powerbeat

One of the most highlighted issues when using the Powerbeats Pro is the intermittent issues that people have been experiencing. In such cases, you should ensure there aren’t any Bluetooth conflicts when connecting. Keep in mind that the Wifi frequency is the same as the Bluetooth frequency. Hence, avoid any devices that have their connection turned on.

Furthermore, check to see if your Powerbeats Pro is only connected to one device at a time. The interference of Bluetooth connection from your car audio system or another device in the reach can result in an irregular connection. Check to see if you are in the range and avoid any physical obstruction in-between your Bluetooth connection. 

4. Upgrade the Firmware

Upgrade the Firmware powerbeat

There is a possibility your Powerbeats Pro is running an older version of the firmware and need to be updated to work smoothly. The older bugs need to be fixed, which may constantly be causing an issue with your Powerbeats Pro. 

For iOS users:

  • Firstly, you will have to check which firmware your Powerbeats Pro is currently working on. You can do this easily by clicking on your Settings application, opening General, and clicking on About. 
  • Now on the About page, keep scrolling down, and you will be able the see your name and the Powerbeats Pro in the list of the devices. 
  • Tap on it and then check the firmware it is currently on. Make sure your iOS devices are connected with the Powerbeats Pro. Only then will the About page appear. 
  • To update your Powerbeats Pro, you will have to update your iOS device. The firmware will automatically get updated, and you can use it interruption-free!

5. Reach Out to Apple Support 

Reach Out to Apple Support  powerbeats

This is your last resort. If all the above ways do not work out for you, contact Apple support. You can take your PowerBeats Pro for inspection by an Apple-certified technician. You can easily avail the services of your nearest Apple store. It will also be helpful if you show them and tell them about all the issues you are experiencing with your PowerBeats Pro. Also, do let them know about all the methods you used to solve the problem because this will give them an insight into the problem with your Powebeats Pro.

How to Reset PowerBeats Pro

When it comes to resetting the powerbeats Pro, follow the steps below:

  • Start by placing the earbuds in the Powerbeats pro case.
  • Now open the lid of the powerbeats pro case.
  • Now press and hold the system button for approximately 15 minutes or until the LED light of the powerbeat pro case starts flashing red or white.
  • Now release the button.
  • Your device will continue to show the white flash, which is an indication that the device has been reset. 
  • Now you can use PowerBeats Pro and can be paired to your devices. 

How to Turn on PowerBeats Pro

If you are wondering how to turn on PowerBeats Pro, then follow the easy steps we have stated below:

  • Press and hold on to the power button on the left side of your earbud for a second. 
  • As soon as they open, they will go into pairing mode
  • The LED light that flashes is proof of that. 
  • You can pair PowerBeats Pro with your devices and enjoy an uninterrupted session!

How to Pair PowerBeats Pro

Follow the steps below to pair PowerBeats Pro with your device. 

Pair it with your iPhone

  • Keep your iPhone unlocked and check if the Bluetooth is turned on. 
  • Now hold your Powerbeats Pro next to your iPhone
  • Follow the on-screen instructions displayed by your device.

Pair it with your Android Device

  • Download and launch the Beats application for Android phones. 
  • Open the Beats application
  • Hold your phone close to the earbuds to pair Powerbeats Pro with your device. 
  • Now follow the instructions displayed by your device.

Pair it with your Mac or any other device that uses Bluetooth

  • Start by pressing the button which is on your left earbud, and keep pushing until the LED light flashes
  • Your Powerbeats Pro is in pairing mode
  • Now select your earphones from the list of all the discovered Bluetooth devices and connect!


Why is my Beats Pro not working?

The easiest solution to this is to reset your Beats Pro. After you have done the resetting, you can easily pair PowerBeats Pro with your devices. 

How do you fix beats that won’t work?

Make sure that your headset is plugged in and connected securely when charging. Also, make sure your microphone is not blocked or covered because this may cause the Sound not to be able to reach you. 

Why are my wireless Beats not working?

If your wireless Beat is not working, then check your sound settings. On your iOS device, tap on Settings> Bluetooth and select your Beats Pro. On your Mac, choose Apple () menu> tap on System Preferences, click on Sound, and select your Beats device in the Input and Output panes. For people using a PC, go to the sound settings and click on your Beats as the playback device to continue playing.

In a Nutshell


Your Powerbeats Pro may stop working, but in such situations, instead of panicking, find out the core of the problem and try to fix it. In this article, we have stated five simple steps to improve your PowerBeats Pro if it is not working. Quickly get it to enjoy an uninterrupted time while working, studying, and even traveling from one place to another.

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